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recommendation for good pill cutter etc

My GP is OK with me continuing on liothyronine and a local Endo did not want to take me off it but suggested I lower my dose! To lower my NHS drug bill I calculate I could do it by using 20 mcg liothyronine and cutting the tablets in half - for some time I have been using 5 mcg usually by Perrigo 2 or 3 per day.

So queries - are Concordia 20 mcg tabs scored? and who knows of a good pill cutter. [I am going to see how easy it is to get Thybon locally too] Thanks in advance re any help re this.

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Just wanted to comment on cutting pills.

I use a very sharp hobby knife that looks a bit like a scalpel. I bought it from Hobbycraft.

The one I bought was a little bit like this one, although a bit sturdier :


With 5 spare blades included it will last me a few years.

I tried various pill cutters and all I achieved in most cases is powder. I know some people do get on with them though, so it is trial and error what works for you.

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I'll make a note of that - thanks humanbean.

To anyone out there who takes Concordia previously Mercury Liothyronine 20 mcg - are their tablets scored?


I have this pill cutter amazon.co.uk/Safe-Sound-Pil... and bought it from my local pharmacy. Cuts really well, all you need is a very light touch when bringing the blade down. I cut my 25mcg T3 tablets into quarters with no problems.



Mercury Pharma 20mcg tablets are scored on one side. I use a Pillmate pillcutter which was £2.99 from a high street chemist. I usually get good halves but the quarters can be a bit off.


The best one I've had was just from asda pharmacy! ...Excellent at halves but not quarters so I've had to guess and 'bite' the half in half!!


I have no problem breaking them in half or quarters using my fingernails.


I have found (clean!) nail clippers to work best :-)


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