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Stress levels after Thyroidectomy

Hi all, just waiting on my latest blood test results and wondering how you deal with see saw emotions? I've handed in my notice at work because I just can't handle stress. I'm freaking out at minor issues and getting so upset with things my partner thinks I'm going mad 😥 I'm trying really hard to be positive but feel really confused by how I'm feeling most of the time. Thanks for all your support x

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Sympathy and prayers for you . It's very stressful to have just been through a major surgery to remove your thyroids . It's a major player that is our thyroids to control our metabolism our body thermostat our hormones are also controlled by thyroids essentially all our hormones . Our Thyroids help us from our heads to our toes and in between . Now that we don't have our own thyroids we are depended on thyroid meds . We can either have T4 Thyroxin that is just part of our thyroid hormone . Then we have T3/ NDT that is the other part of our thyroid hormones . NDT is made from pigs thyroid it contains both T3 and T4 it comes the closes to what our thyroids once made . Now we run labs presumably on TSH ,FT3,FT4, Tg, TgAb, B-12 and folate, Iron/ferritin, Vit"D" . Now we wait for lab results to see what needs to be tweaked ? I would highly recommend that you try to journal your symptoms so that when you return to your surgeon Endo/Dr you can discuss and go over your symptoms with your labs . Patients is very important here and great support is needed to from our loved ones . Being Positive is great. It's hard to do it alone . Reading funny books and watching funny movies will take your mind off of waiting for lab results . Because we are dealing with powerful hormones and we need to give our body enough time to acclimate to each new changes . T4 takes time till it builds up in our body we run labs 6-8 weeks . T3 is a shorter acting and is very powerful we can run labs about 3 weeks . Now not having our own thyroids some Dr's would have you believe that T4 converts into T3. It's possible some are good converts but a lot of us don't . Selenium will be very useful and important for this conversion to take place . Hopefully you are lucky and have a Endo/Dr that is open minded enough and thinks out of the box and will give you a script for T3/NDT to add to the mix of T4 . After all our thyroids once made T3/T4 . Some of us do well with T3 only some with NDT only . This will be up to your body what feels best . Trust yourself . If you feel that something is not right then it's not . Don't buy into if it works for one it must work for you too . Nobody feels what you feel only you do . When running labs it's not be all because it's only "SERUM" results . Symptoms are more telling because it's cellular results . That only you feel and no one else . TSH is a pituitary marker not a thyroid . Thou Dr's will try to dose you by TSH . That's not a Dr you want to be treated by .You will get there but it takes patience and time . You joined a great forum and we all navigate our thyroid journeys together . You will be very informed . And don't hesitate to ask your questions they are very important for you and for us . Your not alone in this journey .


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Hi It's really difficult for your body to suddenly lose the thyroid. It will take time to sort out the response to that loss.

Would you think about learning meditation it's very good for stress and if done in the morning could set you up for the day ahead.

Try not to be so hard on yourself you will feel better, give it time.



I've not handled stress well since my thyroidectomy 5 years ago and I avoid stressful situations and people as far as possible.


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