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I have a pain in my right side and lower abdomen. I have had numerous tests on my hormones and they seem to be all over the place, low cortisol, high progesterone, high estrogen. I have had my appendix removed and my right ovary. The pain In still there and I can almost feel chemicals running round my body if this doesn't sound silly!

I think something is wrong with that adrenal gland but the endocrinologists thinks adrenal issues don't cause pain. He has suggested a two week hc trial for the fatigue etc. I feel like it pumps out chemicals I don't want. I am fit and healthy, low bp, weight and blood sugar. I feel when I relax at night it starts jumping me awake for no reason. I am awake at 5.30am most days, sometimes sweating (when my period is near). I manage a whole day of work but my body feels physically exhausted. (Although I don't want to sleep).

Some days I feel nearly normal and think i have cracked it for it only to return a few days later.

Interested in anyone's thoughts who may have have similar struggles. I am not an anxious person and to not to stress, I just want to fix it and crack on!

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If you have a print-out of your blood test results, with the ranges members may be able to respond if they've had similar problems.

You can get a private blood test through one of our recommended labs who will do the whole lot of thyroid tests i.e. TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free t3 and thyroid antibodies. The commonest form is with antibodies. These are pin-prick tests done at home and I'll give a link. Blue Horizon and Medichecks are popular.



They should be done on a fasting stomach and if you take medication, take it afterwards.

Post your results on a new post for comments.

Ask GP to test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. Everything has to be optimal.


Hi i have had several tests all seem to come back ok. I just had a sst test for the third time. All three subliminal so now I have been offered hc, however he insists there would be no pain.

Latest 9am cortisol was 185nmol. Sst was 318nmol rising to 428nmol. Just nervous about starting a lifetime of hc but guess I need to try it.


There assay was 480nmol


O.K. with regard to blood test results are meaningless. We need a copy of the print-out with the ranges and put them on a new post for comments. O.K., 'normal' or 'fine' are meaningless if we don't feel fine.

I'd also post your last para as well as I cannot interpret them and someone will be able to.


why did they take right ovary out?.if you've had abdo surgery maybe adhesions or endometriosis.ask them to rescan your abdomen.

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Cysts and the pain. But the pain is still there. Had a laparoscopy at the same time no other issues found.


Could be nerve damage from the other surguries or it could be food intolerance or coeliac


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