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i said I would post after I had seen the new Endocrinologist on 8th January. He was so much better than the one that has taken over for the past 2/3 years. The original one my son and I had in Chelmsford was quite good and kept us both fairly healthy for the past 18 years. The one that took over 2/3 years ago was downright dangerous for my son with multiple hormonal problems and wanted to lower his Levothyroxine (75mcg - so a fairly low dose to start with) which would have been a bad thing to do when his Adrenal Glands are also very low.

Anyway, I digress. The new one is so much more knowledgeable and is doing a whole raft of blood tests which I am very happy about. The only fly in the ointment is that he can still only give us Levothyroxine and this is down to the CCG. He has been very honest with me and has given advice about NDT, but has said that this will not be allowed on NHS, or in this area, T3 either. I feel that this appointment is going to be as good as I will get under NHS and will be having another appointment with this Endocrinologist. The next day the Hospital phoned and asked if I would give a rating for this appointment. I duly gave this, but it doesn't tell the whole story, when the problem with appointments is not necessarily the Doctor, but the restricted, poor quality drugs they are allowed to prescribe.

Weighing up my options for treatment now, but The Endocrinologist's advice on NDT has helped.

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Hi J_Bee, thanks for posting. I'm sorry you haven't had any replies but glad to see you are happy with the new endo.


Forgot all about this Clutter. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Not important really just wanted to let people know how different Endos can be. Took my son to this same chap last week and he gave a lot of good advice and discussed his blood levels, so I am very happy that we are now under his care. Unfortunately he cannot give any better medication on NHS, but my son is now on Actavis and is doing much better. His T3 has gone from 2.9 on Wockhardt to 4.3 on Actavis. His problems are much worse than mine and this might be as good as it gets.


(((Janet))), I hope it will be better than that.


Thanks Clutter and for all your other good information and help for us all.


Hi just found this when I was looking at the notification you made on one of my comments. I sympathise that the Endocrinologist can't give you anything more than Levo but interested that he has spoken about alternatives. Just a thought but to me it seems like he's trying to tell you something but isn't allowed to say it! It's made me wonder whether, if you could fund it your self, he would monitor an alternative treatment. I've come across someone who did a trial at their own expense and the doctor was so impressed with the transformation then fought to get it prescribed on the NHS.

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Yes Silverfox, I rather thought the same as you and he will be monitoring me again next year and seems happy to do so. I did start Thyroid-S, but my BP went quite high for me, so came off it. Then found that the liquid Teva Levo that I had been taking since early January 2015 was beginning to build up in my tissues, I went back to self-funding Aliud Levo, which although not brilliant, is the best I have found since Goldshield Eltroxin. When my skin problems are a little better (as they were beginning to be when I had been on Aliud for about 3 months) I will try another NDT. Possibly Nature Throid. Still don't know whether I would get it out of Mid-Essex CCG though!


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