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How to ship T3 into the UK?

I am looking for information from anyone who has had T3 (liothyronine) shipped in from outside the UK. I am in the USA and would like to ship T3 to someone who lives in the UK. What is going to happen?

1) Is there a chance that UK customs will deny entry of a prescription drug (Cytomel) from another country?

2) If UK allows entry of Cytomel, will they charge the recipient a ridiculous proportion of the value declared on the required customs form?

3) Would I be better off if I transferred the Cytomel into another bottle, labeled it as some other (inexpensive) drug, and put a very small valuation on the customs form?

4) Is an individual shipping T3 to another individual, required to have an MHRA import license?

5) If you have ordered T3 from places like Greece or Turkey, how was the process (a company selling to an individual) handled?

Thank you in advance for your answers to these questions, and any other issues related to this on which you can offer experiential advice.

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It's perfectly legal for your friend to import T3 for his/her own use. You don't have to disguise that it is Cytomel. If the value of the goods is over £15 your friend could be charged 20% VAT on the value declared + shipping costs so don't inflate the value for insurance purposes on the customs declaration.

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Lying about the contents could result in confiscation of the goods by customs. If it is noticed!

Sending by anyone who does not rely on Royal Mail for delivery within the UK could end up being more expensive. Royal Mail charge £8 for customs clearance (if needed) - everyone else charges more.

I have no idea about the legality of what you propose with regard to state or federal law!


No.3 is illegal; probably better to steer clear of that option. I have ordered Nature Throid from the U.S. on several occasions; sometimes I had to pay a charge of £13 on a cost of £50 ish, other times it was delivered without charge. It did seem to be rather erratic, although the package was always delivered.

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