So much uncontrollable anger

Hi All, I've just upped my dose of T3 by a 1/4 tablet...4 days ago. Feel like I'm going mental with anger.

I literally cannot stop this foul rage. Husband is having a crappy time. So are my kids.

Is it the T3??? What do I do? Drop back down? Take the extra every other day?

Nothing else has changed apart from headache and anger.

I'm currently on holiday making everyone have a miserable time! Advise so gratefully received.

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Irritation, anger and headache can be signs of overmedication. I'd go back to the previous dose. You can try increasing again in a couple of weeks but if you get the same symptoms drop the dose back again.

Thanx Clutter. Can it also cause sweating?



Thank you. Wow. It's powerful stuff hey.

I had problems with extreme rage for no reason at all. It was so bad it terrified me. Giving up gluten fixed it for me.

It's scaring me too. That's why I posted. Plus my husband is just on the brink 😢

Could it be the Entocort you are taking ? It could be boosted by the T3. Have you checked for the side effects ?

It could be I guess tho I've had no problems really at all since I started's only with this higher dose things are going pear shaped.

I'm going to not take the extra 1/4 for s couple of weeks.

My husbands said today he thinks my behaviour has totally changed the last 4 days.

I'm REALLY hoping this is why because right now I'm on holiday right now and it's bad 😢

Jut thought I would let you know dropping down the 1/4 dose I've changed completely. Back to normal me and that intense anger has abated.


Real learn for me how strong all this really is.....

Thanx all.

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