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hi now into seventh week of introducing thyroxine back in with t3 . Started with 25 MCG for 2 weeks then up to 50 MCG ,now on 62.5 MCG thyroxine.Was on 45 cg t3 now on 20 MCG split into 2 doses. So on 62.5. thyroxine and 20 MCG t3 a day.after seven weeks of thyroxine introduction. Mybloods yesterday were TSH 0.036 T3 4.8 ft4 9.6, feel so tired,no energy.Doc says stay at same dose and re do bloods in 3 months,any views onbloods ?

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Sorry, need the ranges with those results. :)

Have not got them

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to susiebow

Greygoose won't see your reply. You need to click on the green REPLY button directly under their reply for the person to be notified of your response.

As ranges vary from lab to lab, it's essential to have the range that comes with your own results for interpretation and anyone to comment. Ask your surgery for a print out and ensure the reference ranges are included.

I was on a combination for 2 years but gradually under medicated symptoms returned with a high RT3 result. I have been T3 only since May and still working on getting the dose right. I have thought about adding T4 back but if it wont convert it could be a waste of time. What made you decide Susiebow?

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