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T3 and IVF


Just wondering if anyone has experience in taking T3 whilst undergoing IVF? I'm currently on 200mcgs of thyroxine, and my TSH is better than it's ever been (12 yrs) at 0.54 but I still have really bad hypothyroid symptoms. Mostly brain fog, fatigue and dry patchy skin with hair loss. I need to lose 4 st to have ivf and I'm really struggling to lose weight. I've lost 1st 6lb so far but it's taken me months. My cholesterol continues to rise TC 6.4 even though my diet is better than ever. I'm thinking this could possibly be down to my T3 levels and conversion. My Dr refused to test my FT3, so I've had tests done via medichecks and awaiting the results. Would anyone recommend T3 supplements in my situation? Just looking for advice at the min. 😊

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"Would anyone recommend T3 supplements in my situation?"

That would depend on your FT4 and FT3 results. Post your Medichecks results when you have them and members will comment :)

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It's unlikely anyone has been taking T3 while undergoing IVF because the use of T3 during pregnancy is not supported by the British Thyroid Association and women using T3 are advised to switch to Levothyroxine until after delivery.

T3 isn't a weightloss aid but if your FT3 is low on Levothyroxine then adding some T3 may help you lose some weight. Beware though because some people gain weight taking T3.


200mcg is quite a high dose. Perhaps you have absorption issues, and or low stomach acid and, or low vitamins

I hope Medichecks test was also looking at vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 and thyroid antibodies

Very common for vitamins to be too low, especially if you have Hashimoto's (high antibodies)

If you have Hashimoto's then you need to look at hidden food intolerances, usually gluten sometimes dairy too

Low stomach acid is also common when hypo.

Getting vitamins correct and looking at gluten is first thing, then if still having issues, T3 and consider DIO2 gene test


Thank you both. It's the full thyroid check ultravit test I opted for so hopefully that will give me a better picture of what's going on. My GP refused to test my free T3, and suggested perhaps my ongoing symptoms were caused by something else. I doubt it. It's a bit of a catch 22, trying to lose weight, whilst feeling knackered at the same time. Each time I've gone back to the Dr they have increased my thyroxine, and I've been on 200mcgs for about two years now. I'll post my blood results once they come back.


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