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Thyroglossal subcutaneous cyst 18mm in diameter, what to do!?

Hi there, I'm from SA, look I was just wanting some advice, my Dr took an ultrasound and it says I have a subcutaneous cyst around my larynx the Dr 'says' I am supposed to be referred for an opinion for surgery but I just haven't beenbgamecto go ahead with it am terrified, any thoughts or suggestions? Cheers

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Hi Hast, we aren't doctors but I'm sure there are many here who have had cysts. Is it interfering with your swallowing and breathing? Many people develop nodules on their thyroid that are benign. It may be that your thyroid is struggling. Are you hypothyroid? I would not rush into surgery until you know exactly why it's necessary.

Hopefully someone can inform you better than I.


Oh thank you so much I was needing to hear this, its benign does interfere with my swallowing quite a bit actually been t I have stumbled across some organic remedial options in order to shrink the cyst one can only try potassium iodide antifungal like teatree alive vera honey I will try everything I can in order to succeed thankyiu for your kind thiughts and wonderful word of advice. I will do my best to take it on. Thanks for the help ;)


Hast, is it infected at the moment.....is that the urgency?


I don't know I have had an undiagnosed chest infection if some kind which an an anonymous GP misinterpreted as a personality disorder, when my immune system was actually suppressed and I've studied Clinical Sports Nutrition (now calked Allied Health) for 4years via correspondance so I would have to know something to an extent. Don't know if cyst is infected its just a lump around my internal throat.


I've done some googling, Hast, and see that this can develop from birth so this is not a typical thyroid cyst. I'll check to see if any of the guru's I admire have anything other than the allopathic view of surgical removal.

A personality disorder??? What does have to do with it? I do wonder if the infection is being caused by the cyst. If you want to try natural antibiotics in the mean time oregano oil and olive leaf extract are excellent. N-acetyl cysteine thins mucous.

Off to the right of the screen I see a related post about it. Have you looked at that?


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