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Genova END08 Thyroid Urine test

Is this still available?

I've looked on the Genova website and it would appear that this particular test has been removed from the list. Only the more expensive T4/T3 + Iodine urine test is showing.

I have an appointment with a naturopath in early August so wanted to see if T4/T3 conversion may be a problem but I'd rather not have to pay for the more expensive test - it's costly enough as it is, what with practitioner's fees on top.

Many thanks, Ann

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Ann - go through Thyroid UK as your practioner. If you go to Genova's testing page on TUK's main website here


and click on the link to the PDF of Genova's list of tests, you will see END08 listed. Instructions on how to order and how to obtain results are on the TUK page.

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Fabulous! Thank you very much SeasideSusie.


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