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Said friend is not internet savvy. She buys 90x T3 for £20 - free UK postage. But has the opinion to buy more from the same person but each set of 90x for €35 if posted (customs fee, etc) from Europe. I'm assume the seller has links to the uk - my friend forgot how the seller does this, but knows she's an air stewardess. So I'm thinking she buys and brings back to the uk - three boxes as personal use and yes I know it's illegal to not bring back for immediate family/ member of your household. The boxes that have arrived are expiration 2020! So I'm hopeful that the distribution centres are supplying again. Thoughts please?

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We've only heard of Unipharma (Greek) T3 being in short supply. If it's Tiromel (Turkish) there's been nothing said about those being limited.

There's no VAT or fees to pay if posted from Europe.

My last order of Unipharma in March this year had expiry 01/2020 on it.

SeasideSusie you're a diamond. Thank you!

If she's paying that amount - someone is making a huge profit.

I though the first was a good price compared to the two 'available' web pages I know about. I'll do some more price searching.

The prices that I know of are

Unipharma €65 for 300 tablets (or €40 for 150) and £35 for 180. The first supplier is taking money and not delivering at the moment, the second one has suspended ordering for now.

Tiromel £60 for 300/£40 for 200/£21 for 100 (not used them).

Gotcha. These are guaranteed in stock/ available. Recent purchase - after the T3 Greece supply issue.

Well it looks like 90 for £20 isn't far off the Tiromel price for the lower amount. But 90 for €35 is expensive.

The latter you mentioned is if it's posted from wherever in Europe (?) the £20 from the Uk. Both 90 x 25mcg

€35 is roughly £30 (plus some pence). I don't know the cost of postage though, but I wouldn't expect it to come anywhere near £10.


100 x 25mcg Tiromel £21 inc p&p from Cyprus.

T3 from Greece. 💜


There's been a shortage of Uni-Pharma Greek T3 since April. Uni-Pharma are asking pharmacies for prescriptions before sending out T3 so I'll be surprised if your friend's seller can still get hold of it. There is no customs duty for T3 sent from Greece.

Prices of T3 in Greece are €1.20 for 30 tablets. When I was there in May it was almost unobtainable.

Yep. I posted about it a few days ago. My friend just got back.

Hi Sue where were you in Greece? Just come back from Greece, pre ordered from pharmacist via skype and went to collect. She did say Uni-Pharm struggling to supply but only because internet suppliers stockpiling. €1.15 per 30 x 25mcg pack. Also reminder to all users of Uni-Pharm. Designed to be dissolved under tongue aat least 30 mins before food.

Interesting to hear info re taking T3, did you hear that from the pharmacist?

Would it be possible now to order in person at a pharmacy and collect personally as it was last year?

I was in Crete recently and last year on the Peloponnese.


There is no customs fee if posted in the EU or Turkey.

Probably getting around the 'customs' bit as it's illegal from the uk. Or maybe a ploy to get the uk ones sold. Thanks for the prices.


It's not illegal to send T3 from Greece to UK. It is illegal to sell it in the UK.

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