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Alpha lipoic acid & acetyl l-carnitine both thyroid inhibitors. How much extra NDT to add?

I started taking Alpha lipoic acid (1600mgs per day) and acetyl l-carnitine (5000mg per day) for some reasons not related to thyroid. I will be taking it for 3 months. I am already taking 1 grain of NDT per day. I heard that both ALA and carnitine can lower thyroid hormone and after a couple of days I already feel that affect.

Do you think that adding 1 extra grain of NDT would nullify that negative affect? Had anybody any experience with ALA or carnitine, how much extra NDT did you need to take?

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I think doubling your dose is excessive. Try 1/4 grain. You can always increase to 1/2 grain if that isn't sufficient.


It has been 3 weeks after taking ALA and acetyl l-carnitine. Before I was taking 1 and 1/4 of NDT grains. I added 3/4 of grain when started taking ALA and carnitine so all together it was 2 grains.


TSH (ref. 0.35 - 4.94 mIU/L) 0.02

T4 (ref. 9.01 - 19.05 pmol/L) 13.51

T3 (ref. 2.63 - 5.07 pmol/L) 4.7


TSH (ref. 0.35 - 4.94 mIU/L) 0.02

T4 (ref. 9.01 - 19.05 pmol/L) 11.46

T3 (ref. 2.63 - 5.07 pmol/L) 5.08

It seems that it indeed lowered t4 and t3 because t4 is lower even if I added extra 3/4 grain.



I know this is a late reply to this post. Did a search for ALA and came across it.

Sorry - can't quite follow your reasoning here. FT4 always drops when FT3 increase on NDT.

Could you give me an update on how you're doing with ALA?

Many thanks


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