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Help please


Well I've just seen a new consultant at arrowe park hospital

I'm currently on 100mg of levo and 40 of T3

I want to go on T3 only .. I wanted the increase before I stopped T4

I'm very dissapointed I that he said I must NOT stop levo and he's looking into the T3 as he thinks me they are going to stop it 😢

He will write to me. If this is the. Add I'm going to have to go private again and find a consultant who's open to other prescriptions. Any recommendations I. The wirral Merseyside area ? Pm me please. Im at my wits end !!!

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If you have had improvement on T4+T3 combination and your consultant tries to stop the T3 write back appealing the decision and tell him you do not wish to revert to Levothyroxine only as per the patient information in british-thyroid-association...

As your consultant doesn't support T3 only therapy you will have to find another consultant or buy your own T3 and self medicate.

Email for a list of member recommended endos but you will have to contact their offices prior to booking to check whether they support T3 monotherapy.

If you want details where to source T3 without prescription to self medicate write a post asking members to PM the information to you.

Sporty-mi in reply to Clutter

Thank you so much for your reply .. I will email Louise .

Thanks again

I am in Liverpool and I have just been recommended to see PROF Joseph, either at Spire Wirral or Liverpool. You might be lucky to get a referral from your GP, as he also works out of The Countess of Chester.

He is treating a friend of mine who has Hashimoto's and she seems very impressed with him.

I have an appointment with him at the beginning of August, as he only does one clinic a week in Liverpool.


All parts of the Endocrinology over all Britain appear to have decided to stop T3 due to the cost. It does give them a perfect excuse at the exorbitant cost the supplier charges.

However, there are other less costly T3's available but they'd have to prescribe on a 'named patient basis' and that means they have to take full responsibility if you have a bad reaction.

You can source your own T3 or NDT but you'd have to put up another post asking for sources to be sent to you by private message as no info is permitted on the forum.

Email who has a list of recommended endos. The problem is the cost is now £300+ per packet of T3 in the UK.

There is also the option of NDTs (natural dessicated thyroid hormones too).

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