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B12 and Active B12

Does anyone know about B12 and Active B12? Thanks to the discussion here, I decided to look into my B12 results over the past few years. Although my B12 is in the lower 1/3 of the range, my Active B12 is in the top 10% of the range. From what I've read locally (I'm in Sydney) the active B12 is the form that your body can actually absorb. FYI see this article which explains the difference and rationale for Active B12 testing. sydpath.stvincents.com.au/t... Would be interested to know if the UK, Canada and US are using this approach? If anyone here is also. Wong tested for B12 and your views on how relevant, helpful , the z

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Hmm posted accidentally.. basically am interested in people's experience of Active B12 ? Thanks :-)



Issues with B12 are common in those with thyroid problems.

Posts about B12 are on-topic here in Thyroid UK and perfectly reasonable. However, the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum is where there is much experience and knowledge about B12. You can find the forum by following this link:


The Pinned Posts a good place to start.

(Pernicious Anaemia is a particular form of B12 caused by an autoimmune process. However, the lack of B12 is the critical issue and most of the problems are due to that.)

It looks like Active B12 testing might be better than traditional serum B12 testing - but not as good as initially thought. I suggest you ask over in PASOC.


Thanks so much Helvella, I'll take a look :-)

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