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Please see this leaflet

If your surgery says you cannot access any of these services because they do not offer it please email

This is the Director of Digital Experience for NHS England and it is important that she is aware of what problems there are around the country. If you could state the name of your practice this would help. I intend to give a full account of the problems that I have encountered.

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Interestingly, my daughter has recently got a form from the surgery to use Vision Online Services, it clearly states it is for appointments and repeat prescriptions. No mention of access to medical info, tests etc. This is the same for me, I am already using the online system but only access for appointments and prescriptions. Will ask the surgery on Monday.

DJR1 in reply to Shelley1954

Please be firm unfortunately some GZp practices don't want to encourage this. They have had advertising toolkits but possibly like mine refuse to use them. Patient Online have got my practice to amend their website. I am a one woman crusade on this! Their response to me at the practice"well no one else has asked for it" I am working with NHS England as the GP decided to date restrict my info as I wanted my MDT letters about my thyroid problems! I had to submit a Subject Access request and paid £50. This rumbles on. We have to insist on our rights!

DJR1 in reply to DJR1

Shelley1954 there will be another form for the higher level of access. It should have been offered or explained.

Shelley1954 in reply to DJR1

DJR1 No it wasnt, I will ring them or pop in tomorrow and ask for a form, will let you know the outcome, not holding out much hope!

After years of requesting to see my medical records and being told I can't see them, two years ago I was told I can see them but would have to pay £50 for the CD. Does this sound right to you?

Catlover3 in reply to Dalmation2

Hi. I paid £50 which is the maximum they are allowed to charge, for my daughter's full medical records. They were printed out for me and I collected from my surgery. Made very interesting reading!

DJR1 in reply to Catlover3

I did this to see my letters from Consultants as my v difficult GP said it was not part of the current NHS contract to allow access to full records only detailed coded. Some GP will give access to all the record which has created a health equality across the country.

DJR1 in reply to Dalmation2

No that is a Subject Access Request fee. Since March 2016 you have the right to have an online account with your GP which shows your Detailed Coded Records. Please see my links to the info leaflet at the start of this post.

I recently asked for access to my online medical records as I'd seen it on the online prescription appointments site linked to my practice but was told it wasn't set up yet

I've been booking online for a while now, ordering my repeat prescriptions sent to my local pharmacy and I you can also leave messages which my doctor does reply to. There is an area for Patient Records and Test results however I don't think they are available I have clicked the button to Add but nothing happened and does state Full Clinical RecordNot offered.

DJR1 in reply to nigelm

Please email Juliet Bauer! Your practice is in breach of their NHS contract.


Going to check this out. Good post! 👍 GG

Forgot to say thank you. THANK YOU!

Does anyone by any chance know what that extra form is called or the form number please? The staff at my surgery clearly are not aware of it so if I could tell them it might help.

I'll wait a week or two then e-mail juliet Bauer if not.

DJR1 in reply to AngieAsh

Angie Ash The form is made up by the practice and the RCGP provides examples online. I cannot add a photo here but will start a new thread with the template

AngieAsh in reply to DJR1

Thanks DJR1. I also managed to find an email for tpp who run system online after a lot of searching. The email seems to be for surgeries to use to contact them about arranging training and they say on their faq's that patients need to contact their surgery about problems but I thought it would be worth a shot at sending a mail and asking for assistance since I did go to my surgery and they were no help.

I and my husband have tried twice to do this. We've filled in the approprate from and have been told that we would get a call from the surgery to set it up - which didn't happen.

AngieAsh in reply to Christabel

Hi Christabel. I got that call but all it was was someone telling me to call in to the surgery to set it up. I took my driving licence into the surgery as they wanted photo proof of ID (pasport will also do) and the receptionist signed me up there and then. They gave me a letter with all the passwords to log in and when I got home I signed up so that part was easy. Just go in with your ID and ask for it. Getting the actual results on there is my problem.

Christabel in reply to AngieAsh

Maybe worth trying again, then, thanks.

The surgery is quite happy to give my husband the results of his cholestorol tests over the phone (the numbers).

I have access to making appointments on line which hasn't t made getting an appointment any easier as there are never any available ! I was offered access to my records on line but declined as I worry about security of records going from one computer to another. I have also been told I can t have printouts of my blood test anymore unless I access my records on line and print them out myself.


i have the same problem they will not release enough appt spaces for the online booking. You can speak to

They will look into how many spaces they are allocating.

I think the security is good enough for me. It is encrypted.

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