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Hi all, first time poster.

I have seen an integrated medicine Dr who has done all relevant blood work (including Reverse T3 etc) saliva test and 24 urine collection.

All results point to me having difficulty converting T4-T3. (I knew that anyway as I've been feeling poorly for as long as I remember with ALL classic symptoms)

He has recommended I see an endocrinologist in London to do a T3 trial.

Ill be paying privately so don't want to waste a fortune seeing someone who won't prescribe T3 and doesn't believe in it's value. (I have already spent nearly £1,000 getting to this point!)

Please please please can anybody private message me with names of Endocrinologists in London that they have seen and successfully received T3 from.

Or where can I buy T3 without a prescription? (the other Dr has given me correct dosage)

I would be so so grateful.

Many thanks.

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Email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk for a list of member recommended endos but check with their offices that they will prescribe T3 before confirming an appointment. Be warned that prescriptions for 28 x 20mcg Liothyronine will cost £258+ for UK licensed Mercury Pharma but using the prescription to buy 100 x 20mcg German Thybon Henning will cost €30.15.

If members can recommend anyone they will respond via private messages. Ditto if they can recommend sources of T3 which don't require prescription.

To send AuntieMandy a private message: support.healthunlocked.com/...

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Thank you so so much. Great info. I'm very grateful.


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