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Cytomel (t3) rash on neck?

Hi everyone,

Wondering if any of you ever get a rash on your neck - lookalike posing ivy. I honestly don't know if it's the cytomel (t3), or the fact occasional I eat a whole bag of crispy seaweed (iodine) and I didn't know til just today that could have a negative impact. The rash has come and gone for about a year, maybe once every month or two, and never related to dose changes. It's more painful that itchy (like a burn) and just on one side.

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Have you ever had the rash looked at by a dermatologist? They could probably shed some light on it for you. Last summer I thought I was suffering from bug bites. I went to the doctor and it turned out I had poison ivy!


Hey, yes I've also had a rash on my left side of my neck. It is red & it itches! I didn't think anything of it, until I read your post. Possible thyroid correlation? Don't know? I just thought it was interesting you had the same thing!


Yes! I get the same thing. I always thought it was when my adrenals were weak.


Do any of you live in a hot climate and drive on the right side of the road? My left arm is four shades darker than my right and the left side of my face and neck are red. My problem comes from sunburn - not the sort you seek out, the sort that comes from driving for 3 or 4 hours without air conditioning.


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