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Histamine intolerance

Although eating ketogenically has dramatically improved my health, there have been some residual issues that haven't gone away. And by a long and circuitous route I have finally taken a look at histamine intolerance.

The best site I found suggested going to your GP for a test. Yeah! Right! My GP is lovely, but he is convinced I'm a hypochondriac and in a way I don't blame him. I keep turning up saying I'm still not entirely well.... In comparison to lots of the 66year olds he sees in his surgery I'm doing fantastically well, of course!

So my question is, can I self diagnose (or eliminate it as a cause) by diet alone? Are any of the home tests touted on the net valid? Where do I go from here?

Apart from being hypo I have (largely the word is 'had' since going keto) IBS C, flatulence, stomach cramps, migraines, weird food reactions, sleep problems. I know I still have candida despite a low carb/no sugar diet for 8 months, probably parasites, possible SIBO. I have ongoing fatigue and concentration problems.

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I suspect histamine as a cause for some of my weird food reactions also. I would be interested to know which site suggested your GP for testing, out of curiosity.

Most sites I visited (including NHS Choices) said do not do an elimination diet without consulting a healthcare professional. Needless to say this was a waste of time with my then GP. Even though I am further on with my own investigations and could probably muster some circumstantial evidence, I cannot imagine going and and asking for a test for histamine.


The site is histamineintolerance.org.UK. If they aren't leaders in the field they have done a very good PR job. There are a few facebook groups as well, but I'm having trouble finding a beginners guide to self diagnosis!

I don't have the classic symptoms but I do still have stuff that I'd prefer to heal, like chronic constipation. My doc seems to think it's fine to live on psyllium husk, but a) it hurts and b) it hardly treats the underlying cause! And the odd reaction to the cabbage ferment, and to magnesium just makes me wonder what is out of whack.

I need to understand the link to the various mutations too. I'm not stupid but some of this stuff makes my brain hurt!


The downloadable food diary from that site is the best I've seen. some of the others are simpler, but if you're a bit foggy you need the extra prompts. Or I do anyway.

I did like the stuff on the allergyuk.org site but they've changed the site and you have to download the information.

Have you tried The Histamine Pirate?



Wow that is such a good website and Eva is writing a book so maybe more help coming. My problems began after taking an antibiotic to sort my gut infection that wiped out my microbiome. It was necessary but I wasn't prepared for the severity of these symptoms. I can't have probiotics or kefir anymore and am working my way through the histamine elimination diet stage. I have just stopped the antihistamines but am finding that I react to almost everything. The AIP elimination is restricted enough and I have been trying to sort my gut to get to restore, reintroduce and replace, but this is a hard stage to get through. One box of tissues a day is a bit much. I notice that stomach acid can be implicated but having tried a reintroduction of HCL I certainly don't need it.

I found the mySymptoms app very good. There is a fee and it takes about three days to get going but It has given me pointers as to what to omit next. But when the foods and drink are numerous the information is only as good as the data you enter. But it did highlight two items very quickly.

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What are the side effects of histamine intolerance ? please x


Follow the histamine pirate link above given by crabapple.

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Sorry, I was out all day yesterday and had no internet when I got in. However I see cwill pointed you in a direction. There's a lot of information out there, some of it contradictory.

You can see from here


where it's come up before.

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