Lactose Intolerance

Not posted for a while,thought I would let you know how this 80 year old is going.

Latest, went to docs with stomach gurgling and funny feeling in it all the time. He said,looks like you've got lactose intolerance,well I wonder if that is what I've had for years,could it be why my top lips felt funny after taking thyroxine,the fillers have lactose in them. He told me to buy simethicone (De-gas) which I did,also bought milk with lactase in it. I didn't have diarrhoea. After only a couple of days feeling much better. I had been having a cup of milk every night before bed,and had been having yogurt as well. Used to wake up sometimes in the middle of the night with terrible griping pains. Was also coming off of Valium,down to .50 mg. Didn't have any last night. My breathing seems to be better as well. Could last till I'm 90 at this rate. Maybe this post will help someone else who is feeling the same.

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  • Good news. If you have lactose intolerance and have now sorted it you might need to reasses any medication you're on as you will now be absorbing more. You will probably find the levothyroxine is no problem as the amount of lactose is very small compared to milk. Lactose intolerance is really a limited capability as opposed to a complete intolerance.

  • The only medication I'm on is thyroxine,others are magnesium,vit b,niacin and occasionally antihistamine.

  • Forgot about. The .50 Valium,will be off that shortly. Don't want to go cold turkey heard it's dangerous.

  • Margjean I did go cold turkey on Valium about 35 years ago. Still here to tell the tale, but it was horrible. As it didn't seem to make me feel better (well, it wouldn't when it was Levothyroxine that I needed), I thought I couldn't feel much worse not having it. I did for a while though, but was then given Levo and began to feel better.

  • I have never really taken much Valium,the last five years have been traumatic for me,my husband has had septasemia,prostate opp,burst appendix,torn shoulder ligament,heart bypass in April.And a few close friends have passed away.Getting over it now. Am only taking 1/4 of a 2 mg once tablet once a day Don't think I will need it now I've found out it is the lactose which is causing problem but don't want to risk it,am tapering slowly.

  • People do tend to become more lactose intolerant with age. For me it hit about 30, I could drink half a pint of milk hit more would cause pain and other effects. Now I can tolerate milk in tea that's it. There's studies about how the body can stop absorbing milk and the receptors needed dying out over time. I'm not vegetarian but use almond milk as a substitute

  • Certainly given this 70 year old some hope Margjean. Good to hear you are getting on top of a problem. Hope you continue to feel well.

  • Also forgot the op he had for macular degeneration,must say that was marvellous,he can now see without glasses has had myopia all his life.

  • Goodness. That husband of yours sounds like one tough cookie! He has had things which would kill off a mere mortal! Well done for hanging in there. Glad you are feeling better now.

  • He uses a CSIRO home monitor.They came and filmed him the other day using it and telling how it saved his life by alerting the nurse he had AF . We are getting a copy today. Will post it. They did make a short film 3 years ago. You can see it on CSIRO . Upload CSIRO home monitoring. They will be showing it to politicians in Canberra to try and get more funding to carry on with the project. They have asked if they can come back again and take more photos and talk to him. Best get my best China out again.

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