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Advice on T3 starting dose

Hi all. Will be starting T3 tomorrow after GP has agreed to let me try it. Not been well lately (gut probs) and feel my Thyroid-S not working anymore also cannot tolerate Thyroxine. Would really appreciate a guide as to starting dose and increases.

Thank you.

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Gut problems could be why the NDT is not being absorbed well - so it will be the same for T3. Best to heal your gut first 😊

Do you have Hashimotos ??


Am taking probiotics and ubiquinole for gut - slightly better. No idea about Hashimoto's!!


Can you share labs or current dosing?

Fixing your gut is important, but harder thyroid isn't working. You can work on both together. Have you tried a gluten free diet or looking for food allergies?


Have been on 90mg NTD , bloods being done next Friday. Diagnosed allergic to gluten plus diverticulitis.



How much NDT are you taking and what are your recent TSH, FT4 and FT3 results and ranges?


Hi Turquoise, I totally agree with Marz. Hormones will not fix your gut. First of all are your gut problems due to gluten or dairy intolerance? If you could quite both for a while to see if it eases up some people notice it rather quickly. You could also take digestive enzymes and betaine HCL or digestive bitters to help with digestive problems.

If gut problems are due to bacteria like H Pylori, it just doesn't disappear. One woman had Giardiasis caught as a child and sick for 20 years until at age 32 they tested her for it and cured it. Giardiasis is beaver fever often picked up swimming in lakes that contain beavers. You just never know.


Oops some replies missing. Would GP check for Hashimoto's? And is it worse than having Hypothyroidism?


Hashimotos is auto -immune and causes Hypothyroidism when eventually the thyroid under functions due to anti-body attacks. Tests needed are Anti -TPO & Anti Tg. Docs rsrelt test ad they do not seem to understand auto immunity. It starts with gut 😊

If you are on a phone please scroll down snd down to the heading TOPICS - over 2000 posts about Hashimotos.


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Thanks very much Marz, will have a good read. Now worried how to approach this with doc, she's not well up on thyroid matters and local thyroid clinic was a disaster. "Everyone improves on Thyroxine, you must be mistaken". What a joy to discover I was neither mad or a hypochondriac !!


If you are in UK, suggest you get full private tests if GP unhelpful/clueless


Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven or Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin are the most popular tests (same test, different companies) that cover all the essential vitamins and full Thyroid testing including both antibodies

Essential to have very good levels of vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin. Very common for them to be far too low

Many/most GP's have little idea of connection between Hashimoto's and leaky gut, gluten and other food intolerances all of which trash vitamins




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Thanks SlowDragon, really need to re-educate myself. Thanks for links.

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