T3 dose advice please

2 weeks ago my bloods showed my T3 was over range so I've reduced my dose from 18.75mcg to 12.5mcg - T3 and kept my Levo at 50mcg. But I'm starting to feel tired and needing a nap by mid afternoon and getting my jelly legs back when walking and climbing stairs.

If I increase it back up to 18.75mcg and keep my level over range will this have any short or long term negative health affects? Also I'm due to see my Endo what will he say?

I'd prefer to go by how I feel but don't want to over Medicate if it can be harmful. Thanks


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  • MissFG,

    It's generally felt that FT3 should remain within range because high FT3 increases the risks of developing atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis.

    I think it would be very difficult to halve the 6.25mcg dose to 3.125 but if you can manage it that may be an option worth trying. Alternatively, you could increase Levothyroxine dose to 50/75mcg alternate days which would raise FT4 and FT3 but hopefully keeping FT3 within range.

  • Thanks yes ill try increasing my levo first on alternate days as cutting the T3 even will a pill cutter isn't easy

  • Just a thought but how about I stop taking levo and just take the higher dose of T3 18.75mcg? Rather than increase my Levo to 75/50 every other day

  • MissFG,

    I personally prefer T4+T3 to T3 only but if you want to try T3 only you will need to increase your T3 dose. 50mcg T4 is equivalent to 16.66 mcg + 12.5mcg you are already taking = 29.16 so the closest you'll get is 31.25mcg which is 1.25 tablets.

  • Thank you Clutter! Are they're any benefits to T4 if it's inactive? I just feel better with a higher FT3 and haven't found levo suits me very well. Since I lowered my T3 2.5 weeks ago I've gradually declined feeling tired and poorly with jelly legs and lightheaded / faint this past week or so. Rheumy thinks it's my blood pressure but I'm going to get my iron levels checked with my gp tomorrow as I'm struggling and I noticed my RDW was only just in range at the bottom 12.2 which could be anaemia. Just want sort whatever it is asap before I get any worse

  • MissFG,

    The inactive T4 converts to active T3 as required and as the body has T4 receptors they will be there for a reason.


  • Thanks that makes sense!

  • MissFG,

    I think it is a little smoother to have T4 + T3 with the T4 converting as required and I like the security of having some T4 in my system should there be difficulty in taking or obtaining T3 for any reason.

  • Is there difficulties getting T3 at the moment from Greece? Just wondering if I should get an order in sooner rather than later I don't want to risk running out and although my Endo is supporting me I've a feeling he won't prescribe it for me if I run out

  • MissFG There have been delays recently. Here is the latest post about it and it all seems fine


  • Great thanks that's reassuring!

  • MissFG,

    It's taken 7-8 weeks from ordering for some people to receive their UniPharma so I wouldn't let your stock get too low.

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