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SIBO the Monster Within


If you have joined to watch this series which is free at the moment and open to all and if you can only watch one interview, this is the one at least so far of the ten or so. If you are hypothyroid you are also a candidate for SIBO, a bacterial infection in the small intestine but don't worry, there is also SIFO and SILO:)

She gave so much information in every single statement from what it is to how to treat with almost complete instructions for almost any case I would have to type the whole 47 minute interview. She gives names of herbals in the amounts and length of times to use them. You can go to her website if you are too pressed for time.

This problem is so common and so destructive (is the word that comes to mind because it can ruin your life) that Dr. Kharrazian has 1500 people on his waiting list and Dr. Pimental (a global expert on SIBO) cannot take any patients. Dr. Ruscio takes internet patients and perhaps others do as well and he said it seems to work well for some.

We know that leaky gut can be the cause of autoimmune conditions. SIBO explains what exactly happens to put those holes in your gut and what happens afterward.

One good thing is that your body will try to repair the gut within five hours but it needs a lot of support to make a real difference. I may post the Elemental Diet which many of you have heard of as the main treatment. It is predigested formulas which hopefully pass through before any bacteria can proliferate using it (if you are losing weight it may be due to the bacteria stealing your food!!). This can be done in two weeks. This method starves the bacteria but herbals try to kill the bacteria. It may take a village as they say.

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Thanks for posting, Heloise.


Hi Clutter, I seem to have lost my original account and profile. Anyway, I hope people watched some of the videos because this type of infection (which I think everyone may have to some degree) has many implications. I have to take more notes but this can have an effect on the brain making it a very serious matter and the fact you can be malnourished is also very serious. I have time to watch a few more interviews and will try to keep pressing this issue.

Laura is trying to help restore Heloise23.


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