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Blood Tests

Hi all

I am going for a blood test this afternoon and am waiting for a call back from the Dr as i have been feeling REALLY RUBBISH (night sewats, not remembering things, brain fog, not losing weight no matter what I try, soooo tired i can barely wake up and stay awake) I was wondering what should i ask my doctor to test for? They never test my T3 or my iron so should i request that? I feel like this is all in my head but I know there is something not right. I have been waiting nearly a year for an endo appointment and it's looking at September now but I am sick of feeling like i am making this up or being a hypochondriac but i know I am just getting worse instead of better. My current does is 300 per day of levo also

Thanks in advance :-)

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p.s excuse the typos, my brain really isn't working!!

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Quite happy to excuse, especially given your apology.

You might not realise that you can edit your own posts and responses. Have a look here:


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Thanks helvella :-)

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See my reply to this post

Same applies for you in that 300mcg is a large dose

Do you have obvious gut issues

Night sweats could be low B12




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