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Problems getting blood for test / Blood drawing service in Shropshire?

Hi Guys,

My wife recently tried ot undertake the Blue Horizon Blood Test at home.

However she was unsuccessful in drawing the required amount of blood into the sample tube- the pin prick on her finger kept congeling.

Blue Horizon were great and sent her another sample bottle- in order to try again.

Exactly the same happened. So she in unable to send blood off to be tested.

Has anyobody else had this problem and can offer advice / tips for gettiing the blood out?! She followed the instructions to the letter- rubber band, warming under warm water, etc.

The only other option we can see is to get someone to draw the blood for her. I have googled this- but can't find any services like this in Shropshire (we are near Shrewsbury).

Many thanks for any advice you can give.

Kind regards,


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Blue Horizon offer a home phlebotomy service for £49


Have you phoned the path lab at any of your local hospitals? Sometimes they are willing to do it but may or may not charge.

Try a private hospital for blood draw, I did that many years ago.

Can you get to a BMI hospital?


I had my very first BH test done through a Spire hospital a couple of years ago.

Phlebotomy services on ThyroidUK's main website


Google phlebotomy service as well

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Fantastic info! Many thanks indeed


If you know any diabetics, they may be able to help. Many do finger prick tests on themselves several times a day, so they can become pretty skilled. Additionally the lancing devices we use have more options, in terms of pricking depth, that the disposable types. Obviously they would change the actual sharp itself, but we usually, literally, have hundreds of those.

Finally, and nurses in the family?

Good luck with it.


Shrewsbury hospital (RSH) will do you venous blood draw for you for just £5! I've just had mine done there. The haematology unit offer a drop-in clinic (entrance is opposite the maternity unit) which starts at 8.45am and ends at 5pm, Monday to Friday. You just go in, grab a number and wait til it's called...job done! They're lovely people and look after you very well! I can thoroughly recommend them!


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