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New members had tests know very little have suffered I'm silence for years with temperature regulation, sleep, anxiety, depression, brainfog

I am looking for advice I'm utter fed up. I'm convinced that I have thyroid issues or hashimotos or lupus or autoimmune disorder or something like that. i asked to get it checked came back within normal range not that long ago.

I have since read up a bit more on here about NHS standard tests not actually giving a proper picture?

so I went again and I asked for more tests including t4 and t3.

I've got a bone condition and I've been subject to many broken bones and therefore many many xrays over the years without knowing how toxic they are. I've had around 70 xrays in 30 odd years. I now know sensitive the the thyroid gland is to radiation.

I'm constantly tired

I always struggling to get off to sleep and when I do it's never a deep sleep,

im very restless it takes a long time to switch off, often only falling asleep properly before I am due to get up,

or I sleep and then often wake up,

I have terrible anxiety I and depression I take St John wort which makes it more manageable but I don't want to be on any long term medication or supplements,

I have a terrible memory, I take Omegas to help with my brain fog which helps slightly,

I was taking nascent iodine which was giving me more energy and making me feel normal but I had to actually take 15-30 drops to feel normal level of energy daily.

I have super fine hair I'm very self conscious about its never been this bad I do have lots of stress and I feel this makes everything a whole lot worst.

I constantly majorly overheating without exerting much effort my entire head gets wet like I've just been swimming or had shower.

I struggle to loose weight and be motivated I try to go the gym and end up sweating so much it's embarrassing.

I'm just fed up this has been the case for at least 10-15 years

I've just been given my results

they said my -

tsh is 1.5

t4 is 13

my liver tests were a bit abnormal my alt enzymes were high as were my gamma ft levels are high. this could due to a probiotics detox I'm currently doing.

but the levels mean of the tests nothing to me I'm due to see the gp today and I wanted to know if anyone has any advice for me. I know very little about the levels and what to say to them.

Please can people give me some advice I'm utter fed up at and at an all time low.



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Hi Claire, welcome to the forum.

First of all, we need a range for that FT4; The result on its own means nothing. Secondly, your TSH is euthyroid, it doesn't indicate primary hypo. However, if your FT4 is low, you will need to get your FT3 tested. And, if that is low, you need to consider central hypo, where the problem lies with the hypothalamus or the pituitary, rather than the thyroid itself.

Head sweating can be a symptom of low vit D. So, you would do well to get your nutrients tested : vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin. If these are low, they can cause hypo like symptoms.

If I were you, I would give up the iodine! If you have a thyroid problem, the last thing you want is excess iodine, because it can lower thyroid hormones. If you have reason to believe you have iodine deficiency, get tested before taking any more. :)


If the T4 range was 12-22 then you are barely in there despite your tsh being acceptable to the NHS. Part with £40 and do a private test with medichecks.com , get the thyroid monitoring test that will do TSH T4 and the important T3 . If they come back out of range , wrap them round a brick and hit your doctor in the face with them. ( joking .. just print them off and show them)

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my free t4 is 13 on both separate tests a year or more apart.

and my tsh was 0.8

now us 1.5

none of it means much to me could you please shed done light I was considering the test but wanted to see what they came back with first then also said my liver tests are slightly high the glt is 65 and the alt is 52 neither are overly high but I don't drink really much at all so it's not due to that.

exactly what at test should I buy? and how does it work for getting your own blood?



Sorry you're feeling so awful at the moment, you've come to the right place for helpful advice.

You'll need to provide ranges (normally in brackets beside your result) for people to give you the best advice on your results.

Have you had your nutrient levels checked ever/recently? Those results would also be useful as they need to be optimal for thyroid to work properly from what I have learnt on here.

You can get private tests from Medichecks or Blue Horizon. I did recently with Medichecks and was impressed with the service, results back within 2 days. I did it through finger prick testing - took me two shots to get it right, but if you look at a post on my profile about finger prick testing you'll see some great advice from another member about how to get the blood to flow freely and easily! This test is a good one as it tests your vitamin levels as well and also checks for antibodies for the autoimmune disease hashimotos which causes 90% of hypothyroidism: medichecks.com/thyroid-func...

Hope that helps - i'm sure others who are much more knowledgeable than me will come along and give you some more advice. I'm just speaking from what i have learnt on here and personal experience. Good luck.

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Hi I am nowhere near as knowledge as other on her . But you sounds like me . My thyroid is in range tsh is but a lump was found which has now been removed along with half my thyroid . I will say get your vit d check . I love the sun get a tan really easily . Had my bloods done last oct gp did not read my results correctly and my cot d levels were 32.6 healthy range 50 + . This was only discovered on April now on high vit d tables and feeling better .

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oh wow was your thyroid removed due to the lump l. I've actually got some natural vitamin d3 here so I've started taking that. thanks going to go back tomorrow and ask for hormones and vitamins tests mentioned. bless you


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