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Heavy periods every two weeks recently...what to ask doc?

It wasn't unusual for me to come on a week early being Hypo but lately I've been coming on every 2 weeks & heavier than usual. How on earth that amount of blood has time to build up in 10 days I don't know. Any suggestions as to what I can ask the doctor please? I don't have much hope since I've seen endo's & they didn't make much difference. I was on Levo/Lio combo which didn't help, 100+10. I went back to Levo/NDT combo which I'm on now. NDT alone didn't work for me, combo is best I find. Am on high dose iron (prescribed) & B12 (supplement). My bedroom looks like a pharmacy & the meds still ain't working!

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Iron deficiency normally causes heavy periods for me but you are already medicating. Being overmedicated in regards to thyroid also normally pushes my periods closer together, hypo makes me go the other way. Might be worth a recent thyroid test.

I've had the same problem recently with every two weeks and found that the perimenopause causes period every two weeks eek :-( (I would do a sobby face but don't know how on here lol) although a bit early for me but then again I also went through puberty earlier so is a possibility. I do seem to have worked out the cause but it wont apply to you and I'm just hoping it's fixed although getting my sexual hormones tested next month to see for sure (fingers and legs very much crossed lol)

Otherwise some physical issues in the downstairs department can cause increase in periods/bleeding so always worth a full check up (PCOS/infections/PID/endometriosis and so on).

THere's prob a few more but these are the most common from what I read.

I hope it gets sorted soon and it turns out to be one of the nicer ones lol :-D


I've not had my sex hormones tested or adrenals. I did ask my endo's to but they said that wasn't necessary. I pee frequently too, very annoying.

Are you hoping for the menopause? At least you'll have no more horrid hypo periods.


No I'm definitely not hoping for menopause - I still have the maturity of a twenty year old so just not prepared to accept that I'm old yet and would like to think I still have options in my life even if unable to actually do anything with these options lmao :-)

You can always get them tested yourself using medichecks or blue horizon but they might be willing to test if you mention the periods.

Have you been on the iron meds long? Might help?

I do understand, I had debilitating periods in which I couldn't even work or do anything apart from cry in bed or drug myself up on cocodamol which made me just as unproductive and dopey. However, I was lucky that these issues cleared up after going gluten free so now have the nice periods I yearned for just as I might start to lose them lol!!!!

If you are peeing a lot, you might want to also check for UTIs and possibly check your sugar levels with a cheap testing kit from the pharmacy :-)


Ha ha me too, very much young at heart. Been on iron for few months. I will ask for adrenal test again... last blood sugar test was OK.

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That prob would have helped already then if was iron.

For two week periods, it's more commonly sexual hormones or structural issues in the downstairs dept so might be worth checking this out first. I couldn't get proper referral by GP at the time and was going to take ages so just took myself to the local walk in GUM clinic and exaggerated a bit (hadn't really been in a position to catch anything for some time lol) and they did all the tests and even all the scans including internal as next door to the other department and same docs so might be worth a shot plus I got some free contraceptives that I never had a chance to use lol :-D

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Hi Limbolass

You could also have Fibroid(s). I have a rather large one which is responsible for my awful periods which go on forever. Due to its size it also presses on other stuff and some say it can press on bladder etc. Just an Idea to consider. Hope you get it sorted soon!


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