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After waiting and worrying because of an iron shortage, and being told I might have to pay privately, the hematologist has come through for me. It's going to be covered by medical. I get my first infusion next Tuesday and then two more after that before a recheck. My last posted ferritin was 9 and now it's down to 7.

I'm excited because my endo wouldn't do anything about my thyroid until he sees if the iron makes me feel better. So by July I'll finally know!

Thanks for everyone's encouragement and advice!!

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Well done for getting your iron infusion. I had a single infusion done privately and thankfully it was paid for. The most immediate thing I noticed was a more stable and higher basal temperature. All the best!


Thanks! I'm hoping for less dizziness and exhaustion but I'll take the temp increase because I'm always cold.


If you aren't already you may want to take a note of your basal temperature leading up to the procedure and then you may find that there is a definite improvement. Mine was always around 35c but a day after the infusion it was a steady 36c and remained above 36c for a very long time. I'd never experienced this before.

I think 9 was the lowest my Ferritin ever was and more recently I think it was around 11 or 19. After the infusion it rose to 150 when tested about 6 weeks later. It's also a good idea to have a full iron panel done to see serum iron, TIBC etc. I had mine done through Medichecks.

Different people will report different improvements. Hopefully somebody else will add their comments and experience.


Great idea about the temperature, thank you. I have an order for a new blood test at the end of July but it's only ferritin. My GP will do the full iron panel though if I ask him.

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