NDT - immediate relief from constipation

Nice to report something positive!

I'm now about 10 days into my switch from Levo to NDT and the first thing that happened was that my constipation stopped almost immediately - very, very exciting!! (I've been constipated for years, since the menopause I think, which seemed to get even worse on Levo).

Another change - hair has started growing on my legs.

That's about it so far - but I'm feeling really hopeful now that eventually my fatigue will improve.

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  • It can be amazing a change of hormones make. Glad you are improving.

  • I have recently started adding T3 and I also have the hairy leg phenomena going on lol (actually the only symptom worth keeping) but have noticed other improvements...for instance I can now make decisions!! So glad it's working for you 😊

  • Hi, how long have you been on the T3?

    Hoping my ditheriness will resolve too - I've put this down to being too tired to come to a decision - my thoughts just go round and round in circles.

    Yeah, not too pleased to have to get the razor out again with this nice weather haha!

  • Hi...only about a month now and it's been mostly trial and error. My lovely consultant prescribed 20mcg of liothyronine and left me to it! I reduced levo first before beginning T3...just 5 to begin with then 10. When I tried 20 I became hyper so am currently on 12.5 a day taken in one dose. My itchy scalp has gone...so too my joint pains and I'm beginning to see through the fog. I really hope you begin to feel well but be patient lol

  • Yes, will try to be patient :-)

    OK - so you are further down the line than me - and that adds to my hope.

    I switched 10 days ago from 50mcg levo to 1/2 grain a day Thyroid-S which I raised to 1 grain a day after the first week. I will try raising this again after 3 weeks.

  • That sounds good. I'm not expecting to feel the full effects until about 12 weeks but early signs are good..shame about the legs lol

  • Ooh, forgot to say - I can now sweat again (had to buy some deodorant as well as a razor!).

    Did your endo say 12 weeks? (I'm doing this entirely on my own so don't know what to expect)

  • No my endo is so laid back he's horizontal...it was 'have these pills and sort yourself out' I'm sure I read in a post on here that it takes that long for your system to adjust to med changes.

    Ps same as you with the sweating...feel warmer :)

  • Hi. Please can i just ask what T3 is and what the benefits are ... I'm just starting to look into all the choices as I'm now finding that I don't feel well on my prescription for hypothyroidism... mostly terrible fatigue, scarily muddled head, constipation and worsening tendinitis in both ankles and elbow to name but a few.

    I have an appointment to discuss my blood test on Monday and would like to go armed with some info. Thanks.

  • Hi Jabot, I suspect you have been prescribed Levothyoxine which is T4. The thyroid produces T4 and T3 (also T2, T1).

    T4 is a storage hormone which the body has to convert into T3 in order for it to be used by the cells and some people do not convert the T4 to T3 well.

    If someone is not getting better with T4 alone, I think the options are taking some T3 as well as the T4, switching to NDT (natural dessicated thyroid which contains all the thyroid hormones) or some people take T3 only.

    But it might be that your dose is not yet optimal. If you post your blood test results on the forum, people will advise.

  • Suffering from constipation myself, I can advise you to eat plenty of roughage. Also eat say a dozen prunes with your cereal at breakfast. You can purchase Lactulose from your pharmacist and take say 15mgs three times per day.

    Likewise eat plenty of fresh juicy fruits. Likewise eat cabbage and the like with your main meals.

    Wish you well

  • Thanks for the advice Unwelcome and bobsmydog.I get my results Monday so will post them then

  • I wish you well.

    Take care


  • Coconut oil does the trick for me..

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