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Fatty Liver

I gradually developed too much abdominal fat over the years (I had not been taking much notice as I had always been very slim until my mid twenties and took it too much for granted that I could easily return to that cobdition). I became Pre Diabetic - which I have managed to put into reverse by a low carbohydrate diet and getting my energy from slightly fatties finds instead if carbihydrare-ruch ones. I did hear however that Pre Diabetes goes wuth Insulin Resistance and a tendency to dump a lot of fat, not least of all in the liver. My recent blood test results (the first thorough MOT in years) which show I have managed to reverse my Pre Diabetes, however show that my ALT liver count (which should ideally be less than 33) is in fact 39! I am wondering whether there is,a possibility that this could be caused by what must have been a long-term slow but sure build up of fat in my liver? Has anyone any ideas on this please?


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Insulin resistance is quite interesting and it certainly does accompany type11 diabetes (not sure about pre-diabetes but it seems logical it would). Firstly, we all eat too much sugar, so the quantity should be kept to a minimum. Secondly when we eat sugar it is destined for our cells to be turned into energy. To do this insulin is released from the pancreas and then binds to an insulin receptor on the cell wall. By a process not known, the receptor sends a signal to the cell to open so that the sugar can enter the cell. However, the magic thing that opens the cell door is dependent on Chromium and Vanadium to operate. No C & V available, the cell will not open and the sugar is dumped into the blood stream, more insulin is produced, more sugar arrives and so the process goes on. So basically it is a deficiency in Chromium and Vanadium.

Fatty liver is a deficiency in Essential Fatty Acids - Omega 3,6 & 9.


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I watched the TV programme called "How to Live Longer" or something like that, with Angela Rippon. Tests showed that although she was slim and exercised and ate well, that she had fat round her vital organs. They recommended eating loads of lentils, or [because reducing fat levels through eating lentils was nigh on impossible] to take inulin. You can get inulin from most health food stores. It is a white powder and is slightly sweet.

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