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On my way to the endo

On my way to the endo

Hello, this is all very last minute but I'm be route to see Dr C (my endo private) about my latest blood results. If u see these before 3pm I would appreciate advice. He lowered my Levo from 175mcg to 150mcg because my Free T4 had been 24 (top of normal range was 22) and I had awful symptoms. However my Free T3 has dropped now to the bottom of "normal". Was thinking of requesting T3 meds. B12 all good. Antibodies seem good too. Thanks!

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B12 on the way up but I would ask for ferritin. folate and Vit D to be tested. I think that you probably would. E better at the higher dose but your FT4 was high so probably not converting well to the T3 so improving conversion should take the FT4 down and the FT3 up and making sure the other suggested tests are optimal and not hustcin range should address that and you may not need to add T3 in. By just adding T3 I feel you would just be papering over the cracks and not addressing the possible cause.


Hi Silverfox, thanks so much for answering. My iron and ferritin is on top range, as is my B12. VitD approaching top range, he advised to continue supplementing. We had decreased the Levo in March from 175mcg to 150mcg as my is been feeling so dreadful with hair shedding, sweats and heat intolerance, sometimes racing heart too. FT4 Reading had been too high but is now back in a good range. Disappointed though that the T3 had dropped too though, down to bottom of normal. He's agreed for me to trial T3 for a few months to see if it improves my symptoms. I'll take 10mcg in the AM and 10 in the PM. But am horrified at the cost :(

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