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Adrenals? Extremely scared

really quite worried and angry to be honest my doctor has scared me instead of reassuring me. I did fasting blood tests at 8.30 and my cortisol came back at 928, what is this like? Bearing in mind I am a natural worrier/stressor and my granny and dog had just died a few weeks before the test and I had school exams. I am also on the contraceptive pill and admittedly don't have a good diet. I simply went to the doctor over small stretch marks and now I'm freaking out. I don't have any other symptoms really. Someone please help! I am so so scared because I have read about cushings and I am only 18 it is completely freaking me out!!

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I think you need to calm down ...I realise loosing loved ones and exams are very stressful but it's part of life that we have to learn to cope with

Stress can deplete or over tax the adrenals just as bad diet and contraceptive pill can

VITAMIN C is a gentle treatment for adrenal stress at least 2000 mg a day in divided doses

Eat a fresh fruit ,salads veggies fish meat cheese diet not a load of processed foods biscuits cakes etc is vital

If you can get off the contraceptive pill too that helps

Absolutely anything you can do to calm down and restore your body to a natural whole food fresh diet is best way to tackle health problems

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