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I'd be grateful for help understanding this Bloods were taking about 3-4 weeks apart because of concerns about b12 Ferritin and folate levels .in the meantime between the 2 tests I stopped taking my over 50s Centrum and 1000 mg Holland and Barrett cod liver oil.I'm having problems trying to put pictures on here I'd be grateful for any advise on that .so in the meantime I'm having to write them sorry. First results were

B12 152_ range 150-1000

Ferritin 31. 12-250

Folate 7.8. 2-18.80

Second results

B12 452. Range 150-1000

Ferritin. 91 12- 250

Folate 16.3 2-18.80

Thank you

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Have you been treating/supplementing these levels since the first tests as not clear in your post as just mention dropping things? :-)

No saggyuk what happened was the doctors told me I was ok didn't need treatment for low b12 on first tests but at the time those bloods where taken I'd been supplementing with Centrum multi vitamins and high strength vitamin d for years .so I stopped taking them until the second test in the meantime I caught a viral infection that has now lasted for 3 weeks. Days before the second test I started taking high dose vitamin c to try and shorted the time length of the infection.I know know that's only helpful at the begging of an infection.

That is really strange, I've never seen results go up like that in a matter of weeks without large doses of supplements. I'm actually stumped to be honest. Your blood tests results look like you've responded well to treatment but if haven't been taking any?????

Centrum multi vits wouldn't normally be strong enough to do much of anything anyway but am wondering if something in them may have possibly blocked something or interacted with something where your levels increased once you stopped taking them. Can't imagine a virus would have such affect either?? Baffled lol :-D

Maybe the Vit D is the most likely. Have you had levels tested recently and possibly calcium? Vit D is one of the ones you don't want to overdose on as would cause hypercalcemia and possibly symptoms that would feel like a virus and maybe affect the way your kidneys process stuff like b12??? Your folate wasn't hugely low though. If they were high strength, what dose were they?

Ferritin can go higher if have infection or virus.

I'm no expert on vits mind you so just stabbing in the dark to be honest so you would be better asking others here with more experience like SeasideSusie , shaws , Clutter ?

Thank you I think it maybe an idea to ask the doctor maybe I should be refered to the dermatologist ? This seems really odd

Most of the time, the GPs are really pants and don't know much about nutritional levels to be honest. Definitely worth a vit d test. I'm not sure how a dermatologist would help as they deal with skin? :-)

Sorry miss spelt meant the bloods people can't remember there title .also had vitamin d tested its 68? Same as last years bloods can't get to print outs just at moment and unable to share photo sorry

It's a haematologist :-D

Sorry if you got my reply already it's not showing here so hopefully I'm not repeating my last response. I miss spelt didn't mean dermatologist but the bloods people can't remember their title also my vitamin d was about 68 same as last year again sorry can't get at results to check.I agree doctors can be πŸ˜•

Was the vit D test done with the first or second lot of tests. Unlikely to be vit D then. Also could possibly have too much Vit A from the cod liver oil - this can cause issues with kidneys/liver too. Or maybe something in one of them was bugging your stomach? I really don't know to be honest but I would be tempted to stay off everything and test all again in 2 months to see what's happened to your levels rather than leave them. Has doc done typical kidney/liver function tests?

Have you got any particular symptoms? Maybe best to ask doc about this and viral symptoms which could be something else :-)

Oh and just a thought - you weren't on any other types of meds for other issues were you?

Sorry for late reply I was so tired ,I wasn't on any meds except levothyroxin 75mg which I've been taking for about 20 months vitamin D is 67 range <50 calcium is 2.48 range 2.20 -2.60 both taking on first test . I've been taking vitamin d 1000mg high strength Holland and Barrett capsules the soft ones for about 2 years as I once had low levels causing pain haematologist thanks for that do you think that's a good idea?

Kidney and kidney results all within range

Don't know what vitamin a is under but one and a half pages of bloods done on first test I am a hashimotos patient

Okay, it's just some meds or stomach meds can interact. The multi vits are honestly a bit of a waste of money and are not strong enough to correct anything and could give you too much of something else. You are best to test for the ones you are low in and then supplement accordingly.

Vit A is not normally tested for but you could get your own tests done if you wanted a more in depth look. Well, if it were me, I would stay off them for now (maybe apart from Vit D) in case something was causing the low B12 as it seems a bit of a coincidence for it to have risen once you stopped taking them and B12 is really important but maybe retest in a couple of months to ensure it doesn't keep on rising out of range and to see where you are. Maybe talk to doc about viral symptoms :-)

Thank you saggy

Did you have the both blood tests at the earliest possible time and also did you allow a gap of 24 hours between the last dose and the test?

Both tests taken am before 10. First test taken 07/30 Both fasting even thought practice nurse said that wasn't necessary I fasted for 12 hours prior to bloods being taken only took thyroxin on second test as no thyroid tests being taken

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