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Does eating cold hurt anyone else's thyroid?

I found new ice cream, mango passion fruit made with coconut cream and I am so happy finally creamy ice cream I can enjoy, but swallowing it makes thyroid area hurt. Throat is fine no feeling of freezing, but around the Adams apple the sensation is nothing but painful.

Anyone else has it?

I guess it's no can do, but just curious if other people have it too?

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I have not had this and I went wild for coconut ice cream last December, I now not really the season, but after 8 years of low sugar in all its forms the time had come. I make my own coconut ice cream with simply coconut milk and arrowroot plus any flavouring or fruit. Kefir ice cream is also very quick if you are able to have bananas. I invested in an ice cream maker.

Hopefully someone will have an idea.


Yeah I am just curious if others would feel the same. I find it slightly irritating, but otherwise it's no problem.

I have ice cream machine too and I often make ice cream for other people :D I have done ice cream from coconut cream and chocolate, it's tasty, but haven't reached that soft, full, creamy texture proper ice cream has.

Otherwise as I do not like sugar anymore I rarely eat anything sugary so I eat ice cream once or twice a year. Half a liter box I bought is enough for long time.

There making your own is better as you can control the amount of sugar.

For me sugar graving passed easy and never came back. 6 years now that I dropped all added sugar. Candy, soda and juice free been far longer. I am surprised it was so easy as it was. If eat few pieces of chocolate all I can think is it tastes sugar and why in earth I have ever liked milk chocolate. Few pieces keeps me satisfied for months :D before I could eat tons every day and wanted more!


I had no sweet tooth before I had to severely limit all fructose, let alone added sugar. I have now had my gut treated properly as diet alone was never going to be the whole answer. So I can have unfermented coconut milk now and occasional treats with honey in them. Before I changed to AIP I loved cocoa powder. Did you know that you can make a thing that looks like chocolate with cocoa powder and coconut oil? I melt the coconut oil and add cocoa powder to taste then freeze in an ice cube tray. Everyone I know has tried them and agree rather good- don't think that they were simply being polite! I have to make them now with carob that I find sweeter.

I understand that coconut ice cream is never going to be soft and creamy like ice cream with all the stuff we can't eat. But at least, if you can sort the cold thing out, we can eat something that won't harm us. Do you have similar issues with iced drinks?


I have made raw chocolate, tho it had more ingredients, but it was good so I bet the way you make is good too. Should try that! Any dairy free dark chocolate I find here has soy in them and it's very expensive.

Tap water over here is super cold and I do not often drink it immediately as it hurts too. It's as cold as u had ice in it.

It can be just the way I am not thyroid related at all.


Sounds like an intolerance to cold then? I also don't like cold drinks and prefer room temperature. The ice cream I make has to be cut out of the tub with a hot knife and left to come up to temperature otherwise you simply can't get the spoon in.

For other treats have you tried fruit sweets? Just gelatine lemon juice and raspberries (other berries work as well). I bought fancy sweet moulds for these. Rather good to have the chocolate mentioned above and these in the fridge. Together with the ice cream and raspberry panna cotta these were my Christmas treats. About to move into ice lollies as I have bought a set of molds. Will let everyone know if I hit on a good recipe.


Hi I have the same problem with very cold drinks and ice cream type foods but I thought it was because of my gastritis and not linked to the Thyroid


Hi Justlia

I have exactly same problem after eating mango ice cream which was very cold!

How long did it take till you get better?



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