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I'm new here, so - hi!

I was diagnosed a year ago and take 100mg levothyroxine a day.

I have also been tested for suspected epilepsy due to a form of dizziness (a rising feeling which makes me temporarily disoriented and lasts 30 seconds or so). The tests came back negative for epilepsy and I have no reason or diagnosis of these episodes. They happen around once a month.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?


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It would be a good idea to get vitamins and minerals tested

Vit D




Also, what are your latest thyroid test results? Maybe you're not optimally medicated and need an increase in Levo. If you have your results please post them with their reference ranges, if not then ask your surgery for a print out (you are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act).


Thanks. I haven't been tested in 9 months or so, I'm going this week as some symptoms are more than normal (this has made no difference to the dizziness as that's been consistent). I'll post results when I have them, thanks again.


Hi and welcome.

I have bad dizzy spells, been told it's BPV so caused by crystals in ear. Not sure it is though.

Could be B12 deficiency, mine seems better now my B12 is at a better level.

It would be good to post your results on here of bloods as you'll probably get a more accurate idea of what's going on.

Have you had TT4,FT4, FT3, TSH, RT3, Folate, Ferritin, Vit D and B12 tested? GP not likely to test all as expensive but give it a shot 😀


Hi. Sorry to hear about your problems with dizziness. A few years ago, before I got diagnosed, I also used to have dizzy spells. They would last about 10 minutes and then stop - till next time. I was very scared. Tests didn't show anything, though. Docs thought it was something with to do with blood circulation in my neck. I also occasionally had a blocked ear sensation - but my ear was OK. Do you experience the same?


I too was diagnosed with BPV (ear crystals) after several dizzy turns. The neurologist performed Eplys manuvure on me to move them about and gave home exercises to perform several times a day. This has helped me a lot.


I had dizzy spells and it turns out the dr was confused but I suspected it was a inbalance in hormones since I am menopausal....and that was it..may want to check your levels


Hi I'm new here, I too am on 100 levo thyroxine I get the rising feeling u have described not sure why I get it either. Since joining I have realised so many people suffer like me as well

Julie x


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