EEG- not feeling right

Hi I know this isn't especially thyroid related but I had an EEG this morning following my collapse episodes. It made me incredibly drowsy and my body feels like lead so heavy and tired. I actually had to take a nap when my toddler did- not much improvement now. Seen in forums those with epilepsy had similar but I don't have seizures just kinda black out. Can anyone help?

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  • Do you have any relatives with autoimmune disease, and or history of multiple miscarriage, early heart attacks or strokes, if any of this rings a bell, come back to me, also history of migraines. MaryF

  • Yes I do

  • Ok a disease frequently missed by the medical profession, is Hughes Syndrome/APS, I have this as one of mine. I enclose the symptoms, and also the blood tests. The blood tests are best done at the hospital, as the samples taken are time sensitive, also if you tell me what area of the country will send you a list of nearest consultants who understand the disease so GP can refer if it looks likely.

    1. Anticardiolipin antibodies (aCL)

    Lupus anticoagulant (LA)

    Anti-beta2-glycoprotein-1 (anti-B2GP1)

    2. The typical low-grade symptoms of APS are:

    headache and migraine

    memory problems

    dizziness and balance difficulties

    visual disturbances

    blotchy skin (livedo reticularis)



    The common acute events caused by APS are:

    thrombosis – DVTs

    strokes and mini-strokes (TIAs - Transient Ischaemic Attacks)

    heart attacks

    pulmonary emboli (blood clots on the lung)

    recurrent miscarriages



  • Thankyou I'd never heard of it, been going round in circles 3 years now trying to get an answer. I'm guessing it's not something that would show up on EEG?

    I'm based in Essex

  • The first step is a blood test, they normally do two rounds of these! remembering the samples taken are time sensitive, so not good if left lying around for a long time for the courier to collect. Also vital that if your GP thinks this is likely that you get a referral to one of these. East of England and London Specialists:


  • Thankyou I shall speak to GP. Guess it's not uncommon for sufferers to feel rough after an EEG then?

  • No idea, however common for patients to have a Thyroid problem also, and important to check your B12, D and iron also, and severe fatigue is also a hallmark of this condition, if it looks like you do thishave come back to me, I run the patient forum on this platform with my colleague who is also on here. However we always encourage people to stay on the forums they are already on also. MaryF

  • Thyroid patients can feel odd after EEG?

    Will do Mary f thanks

  • Miki80,

    It is normal to feel tired after an EEG.

  • Clutter this wasn't tired this was barely able to move myself like I was stuck in concrete

  • Sounds absolutely dreadful. It must be a worry for you and it is good to take up MaryF's suggestion. It is amazing what can go wrong at times.

  • I have long qt syndrome, fainting is one of the symptoms. Doesn't always show up on ecg.

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