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Normal?? Test results - page 2 out of 2

Normal?? Test results - page 2 out of 2

Hello all. I will be making a trip to my GP next week one final time and insisting they take me seriously. I have had symptoms of hypothyroid/hashimotos for over 20 years and they have escalated since I gave birth 8 years ago. Yet, as my bloods are in the so-called 'normal' range, I am considered to have no thyroid issues.

I have lost 70% of my hair. My periods have all but stopped. My libido is non-existant. Chronic migraines (3 plus a week). One of my eyes bulges from time-to-time - my eyes look 'odd' in general and appear to have shifted position!

I have terrifying heart palpitations - and beats are completely missed at times or slow down (I can actually feel this happening). I sweat absolute buckets and have an abnormal intolerance to even the 'mildest' of temperatures (which won't be felt as 'mild' to me!). I have bad dizzy spells - the room literally spins. I fell badly yesterday. Shocking circulation. Dry, prematurely aged skin. I could claw my eyes out such is the irritation. I spat up blood yesterday for no obvious reason.

I cannot shift my weight for love nor money. I have never been so exhausted in my entire life - yet I cannot sleep (I wake up about 40 times a night). My memory is shocking. I am suicidal. I could go on and on.

I feel it is

clear that from my blood tests that the whole gamut of tests are probably not being conducted.

Please note these bloods were taken 8 months ago and my symptoms have drastically worsened since then. I cannot recall if I fasted.

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Tests are:

1. Liver function - these are out of range and should be repeated.

2. vitamin B12 - this is over 500 so good

3. folate - the range just says > 4 and your result is over 4

4. Ferritin - your is over 100 so is good

5. TSH and Free T4 - TSH is below 2 so is good, your Free T4 is above the range. That is odd.

6. kidney function - all within their range so this is good.

The tests that are missing are:

1. vitamin D - some GPs refuse to test this.

2. HB1Ac - to check for diabetes

You also need a repeat of your liver function tests.

I would ask your GP to test specifically:

1. Vitamin D

2. HB1AC

3. Repeat liver function test

4. Repeat Free T4 and TSH test

If the GP moans at you and says they aren't needed say you only want these particular tests done no others as your symptoms can be due to low vitamin D and/or diabetes plus your liver function tests and free T4 were out of range last time so you need them to check they are OK now.

GPs don't like spending money so if you sound like you know what you are talking about and limit the tests they have to do then they are more likely to do them unless they are completely pig-headed (imho of course)


Thanks Bluebug. I've heard consistently high T4 and TSH in the low range can indicate pituitary failure. As I said, these tests were taken 8 months ago and I have deteriorated massively since then (symptom wise) so I very much doubt that even the good points are as good, now.

I will most definitely be purchasing a test from Medicheck (the most comprehensive one if necessary). Are you aware of members whose GP - having previously been dismissive - finally treating their patient properly after having seen Medicheck's test results?


Sorry please re-read what I wrote I did an edit as I noticed your Free T4 range is different from standard ones.

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I presumed they were pretty much all the same range. I wonder if it's do to with which part of the country you are in? I'm in the North West. Do other areas have a lower free T4 range?


It is to do with the lab itself - there are many manufacturers of tests and they all vary. Further the results obtained in each lab can vary from other labs using the same test. Finally, the reference ranges can be adjusted according to the population in the area.

Two labs, next door to each other, could have very different ranges.

The point is, though, that if you are just over the top of the range when tested at one lab, you should also be just over the top of the range at another lab - even if they have ranges with very different numbers.


Thank you. That explains it perfectly.

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There's no Free T3 and it is T3 which drives our metabolism. I'll give you another link from TUK re tests.

Did you have these blood tests at the very earliest? If not do so next test.

Others who are better than me at blood tests will respond. Tick off the symptom list I gave for GP.


Oh and finally my advice about if your eyes are acting funny on a particular day then go to an optician and see if you can get an appointment on the day still stands.

It is possible that you have another autoimmune disease and some other autoimmune diseases do cause eye problems. The optician will be able to use their equipment to look at your eyes and refer you on if needed.

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Thanks Bluebug. Can the eye actually appear to shift position with thyroid issues? Some days its much more noticeable than others


There is Thyroid Eye Disease.

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Very odd range for Ft4 and you are showing over range. I'd try to get it redone.

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Is it odd because it's a high range? This is the first time I've been 'officially' over range - though bear in mind these bloods were taken 8 months ago and my symptoms have worsened considerably since then - but my FT4 has always been at the higher end (over 12).


Most of the Free T4 ranges we are use to have a different boundaries.

Regardless you are over the range so you need the test repeated.

Also I've personally noticed something with how myself and other people I know have been treated by some GPs - when some GPs aren't sure what a test result means they can tell you it is "normal" then try and hide the abnormal result. So get the tests done, get the results with ranges and post a new thread.

Also go to the optician if your eyes play up in the meantime.

Hopefully one way or another your health issues can be sorted out.

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HS your mic al hospital got an eye clinic? If so and like mine they have an eye. Asualty so you can just walk in and ask for advice. Usually I've been seen within 15 mins and if your need a more complex exam you may have to wait a little longer or given an appointment for another time depending on what the problem it.

I went when I thought I had an eyelash in my eye and it was painful. Wearing glasses you can't really look yourself so I popped down and within 10 minutes was seen. I was told I had a PVD and the initial exam did not suggest it was an emergency and an appointment made a few days after to have a more thorough examination so worth turning up at a clinic if you have one locally.


Hi all. I've been really bad over the past week or so and still haven't gone to my GP. To be honest, the thought of yet again being dismissed would tip me over the edge (mentally and emotionally) so its for the best that I haven't enquired (at the moment).

In the meantime, I have purchased the following:

I presume this is the most comprehensive thyroid test I could purchase and what I need to get my GP to listen (dependant on results). I will arrange a private blood test and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

I purchased it at the reduced fee of £135+ so I've been struggling to get by as that is a huge sum of money for a single parent. Regardless, it's a no brainer. It is absolutely imperative that my health gets better as this is destroying every single aspect of my life.

Is there an optimum time for my bloods to be done? Shall I ask for more than one sample to be taken? Is there anything specific I should do beforehand to ensure I get the most out of the test?

I'm presuming the test will arrive with full instructions but would still appreciate any advice from others who have also purchased a private test. Thank you.


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