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Fire starter thighs!!!!!

One of the issues we have is weight gain so finding little tricks to make life a bit easier is a good thing

Since putting on the weight I have fire starter thighs!!! You know what I'm talking about, the skin rubbing and getting hot and chaffing. Wouldn't put tights in the equation as might ignite!!!

So the answer, not wonderfully pretty but longer line knickers!!!! Come half way down your thighs!!

Have snooped around the internet and found anything from £18 to £4.00 a per ( which would go up in flames in sure). I went to my local Yours shop. £10.00 a pair.

OMG. they are miracle workers. Popped a pair on threw on a dress and off I went.


Ladies, if you do suffer this problem, invest a tenner and buy one pair and try them!!! It's worth a go. Gave me a nice little confidence boost!!

Love to all the Wet Blue Smurf!!!!!!

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Oh I just love your posts Snoddyoddbod ! Very glad you've found such great solution to your 'chaffing problem' although I'm sure you'll always be hot stuff !

At 5' 2" & 1/2 in height and nearly as wide I tend to stick to trousers anyway. I don't think I posess a skirt or dress. But thanks for the heads up my favourite little Smurf !

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Ace! Buy cheap leggings and cut the legs off to the correct length, they don't fray xx


Shops own make "Spanx" are what I use, got mine from Sainsbury's when they had 25% off was less than a fiver. If you can't be bothered wearing what is effectively cycling shorts then someone recommended Vaseline or Lanacane gel or powder ;)

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