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3 masses found one is a problem

Hi had ultra sound on thyroid weds found a large and 2 small masses - consultant is contacting me within 7 days with next step.

I've felt ill for years they've been saying it's anxiety (have posted in more detail beforehand) bmi 18 low blood pressure low cortisol low folate and incidental pineal cyst in brain found also have constant lower back ache and memory loss pins and needles and ibs sweating palpitations dizziness x

Anyone know much about these I feel freezing all the time and sweaty thanks

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They're probably thyroid nodules. If the large nodule is > 1.5cm your consultant will probably arrange a fine needle aspiration biopsy to rule out malignancy. The FNA is not painful but is a little uncomfortable as you have to lie back with your throat arched upwards for a while. Pressing a compress hard on the site for 20-30 minutes after the FNA will reduce swelling and bruising but you may need to use paracetamol for a couple of days after. 95% of thyroid nodules are benign and most thyroid nodules don't affect thyroid hormone levels.

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