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Back and Leg Pain is a Problem.


Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help,I have been having a lot of lower back pain that seems to go from one side to the other in a broad strip, then as the day goes on it also travels down my legs, my legs swell but it is hard to the touch especially around the ankle.

When the legs are swollen I get pains and like pins& needles. Is it any use going to the GP will they be able to help? Over the last month I have started to take my Vitamins as I was on the low end for all of them except Folic Acid which was over range.

Thank you in anticipation, regards wakeham.

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I've read some of your past posts and the same thing comes to mind throughout and as I have posted to you before: Vitamin B12 deficiency or even Pernicious Anaemia. I see on one post your B12 was low but in range. That was the post explaining that B12 serum is not a good indicator of deficiency or the autoimmune cause of the deficincy.

You then talk about swollen tongue and sore throat. Now the symptoms on this post which could be the start of neurological damage. Agreed quite a few relate to thyroid symptoms too but I worry about you.

Have you been taking folic acid at some point? If not, I urge you to look at this link and the relationship to high folate (Folic Acid Levels).

I also see you were going to take Jarrow Methylcobalamin - have you continued supplementing with B12? What dose are you taking? If you are taking high doses you still may not be absorbing it, especially if you do have the deficiency caused by the autoimmune form - Pernicious Anaemia.

GPs just don't understand this condition or the treatment. There was a very good video on here recently which will be worth watching right the way through. I will look for it and post it in a minute.

wakeham in reply to editfmrt

Hi shaws,editfmrt,jackie and penny thank you for your help, and the links that I have read, when I questioned the Endo in January about my Folic Acid which was high! his remark was all that tells me is that you eat a lot of veg and fruit and you have a good store!!!

Now shaws I'm on 40/50 mcg of T3 only alternate days .

January B/test

Folate Acid >24.8 ug/L Range (3.1 - 19.9 )

B12 298 ng/L (150 - 900)

Ferritin Serum 24 ug/L (11.0 - 307)

Serum T3 4.2 pmol/L (3.80 - 6.00)

Serum FT4 2.3pmolL (9.00 - 21-00)

Serum TSH 0.43mu/L (0.10 - 5.00)

RBC 3.8 10*12/L (4.0 - 5.8 )

MCH 32.4 pg (27.0 - 32.0)

MCHC 34.8 g/dL ( 30.0 -34.0 )

RDW 11 % (12.0 -16.0 )

Serum VD 67 nmol/L The reading under that was

Severe def <30nmol/L, insufficiency =30 - 70nmol/l, Replete 70 - 200nmol/l

That was how it has been written.

I don't think my back it is out of line penny, but over the last 10 months I have found it very difficult to get up from kneeling down! going up stairs is really painful and the top of my arms are painful a lot of the time.My Hot sweats the Endo decided to put me back on HRT i have now been using it one month with no change in sweats.

So I would be grateful for your thoughts.

Thank you Regards wakeham

editfmrt in reply to wakeham

Hi again Wakeham. Did you read the link I gave about high folate levels? The first reason given talks about pernicious anaemia. No matter what the doctors say your B12 is too low. High folates mask pernicious anaemia in the blood test results. So all can appear well when it is not. looking at your previous posts you started b12 supplements too so that may have made the results look better in the serum but that doesn't mean you have enough b12 at cellular level. You could do with checks for b12 deficiency like the active b12 test and if low checks for PA like Parental cell antibodies and intrinsic factor.

The third reason given for high levels is dietary intake - do you eat lots of these foods:

If you do it would be better to do a fasting test next time if you have folates checked again.

As shaws has said your vitamin D is too low and this can cause lots of symptoms.

Also ferritin is too low.

wakeham in reply to editfmrt

Hi editfmrt,

Thank you for your time, yes I did read your link which is worrying! but

yes I do eat all the fruit & veg that are good for you,which is why the endo said my Folate acid was good I had a good store of iron!!!! and wrote to GP saying in the letter that this woman imagines!! she has P/A and told me to leave reading the B/Test to those who know. Hence I went to GP to get Vit D test done and when that came back low as well she would not give me supplements for any so I told her I was going to do it my-self. so I take 1x 5000 B12, 1x 20mg iron, 2x 10mg Vit D just started.(But GP will not give me B/test for 2 months at least)I have been taking B12 for about 1 month.

Oh buy the way editfmrt the last B/test was a fasting one for Vit D.(30/1/13)

My Ferritin levels I have been saying to GP that they seem low since the end of summer! and I don't want to go down the line of my Aunts with P/A later in life! she said it's only a tiny bit on the low side.

They don't want to know.

Thank you once again, wakeham.


Hi Wakeham

Have you been diagnosed and on treatment? If so, how much and do you have a copy of your most recent thyroid gland blood tests. If so, post them here complete with the ranges and someone will comment.

This is a link to Dr Lowe re swelling and it may be helpful.

wakeham in reply to shaws

Hi shaws

Sorry but I have left a reply on editfmrt answer above hoping you would see it also

Regards wakeham.

shawsAdministrator in reply to wakeham

Your B12 is too low and should supplement with methylcobalamin B12 although they will say it is in range. We should aim towards the higher end. Researchers now say that the present level is too low.

Your T4 is fine as you are on T3 alone, therefore T4 will be low.

I see your blood tests were in January. Has your GP not prescribe Vit D3 as you are definitely deficient and both these vitamins may be causing the problems.

wakeham in reply to shaws

Hi shaws

thank you for your help, my GP or endo will not give supplements as they think they are only just A little on the low side, And endo wrote to GP saying this woman imagines she has P/A! he also told me to let the people who know read the B/tests! so once again he done nothing other than to say he would check my Vit D in July when I see him next as hospital Lab did not do them. Hence I went to GP for test which came back low as you know and when she said she would not give supplement I started my self 2x 20mg Vit D daily + 1 x 5000 B12 + 2 x 20mg iron. So I'm hoping to feel better soon, but it doesn't help legs & back at present.

Thank you for all your help on site shaws it must take a lot of time.

Regards wakeham.

shawsAdministrator in reply to wakeham

I am glad you have started the supplements and am sure you will find a benefit in a few weeks- it is ridiculous that you were not provided with at least Vit D.

I hope you get rid of the leg pain. When I was on levo, after 4 months I couldn't move -my body was completely stiff and sore.

Am fine now, thankfully.

wakeham in reply to shaws

Hi shaws ,

thank you once again for your help, and I will keep taking the tablets eh! keep well.

Regards wakeham.

Hi ,How is your vit D? ( Hormonal) If GP will not test, you can have the same test, very cheaply.This is in addition to the tests recommended above.Also make sure your thyroid has been tested , at the least, for TSH, T4 and Free T3. A lot of NHS will not longer do them all. Years ago they were always done. My endo and I consider it essential. T3 can be given on a script if lowish.It used to always be tested but all down to costs now.

Best wishes,


I cannot add to the knowledgeable advice above but have you had yourself checked for a skeletal misalignment? If you can try Body Realignment. Being out of alignment can cause all sorts of problems with flow of blood, lymph, energy and the fascia.

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