Spiralling out of control

I've been on her a few months now after being diabolised with hashimoto . Following this a became hyper patathyrod and a benign tumour was identified. Tests continued for this regular blood tests showed I remained hypo and medications were increased decreased and increased again. I then started with hypertension and following a short stay at hospital bloods showed deranged liver results followed by scans CT and fibrascan still waiting for reports on this when yesterday I got an appointment to go for a renagram I just feel like my bodies been invaded any one else been through this ?


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  • Mtraynor,

    I'm sorry you are having so many problems and hope the investigations don't show any alarming results.

    You can get advice and support about hyperparathyroidism from hyperparathyroid.org.uk/

  • Make sure that you get a full workup beyond focus on the tumor. You may have multiple things going on.

    What kind of deranged liver results? AST, ALT, GGT, serum ferritin?

  • Hi it's my ALT that's elevated I got good news today I don't have a tumour it was a lump of fat within the liver but ALT is still raised antibodies came back negative but consultant hasent ruled this out if ALT doesent settle he will take a biopsy to confirm if auto immuneincidental finding on CT shown a abnormality on the kidney So apart from knowing I haven't got a tumour I'm not much wiser

    Thanks for your reply x

  • Are you taking a statin, which could raise your ALT level?

  • No smallbluething my cholesterol is 7.2 but can't give me statins because of my liver function xx

  • Have you had your mouth ulcers checked for bullous pemphigoid (another damned autoimmune condition)?

    Best wishes!

  • Have you looked for heavy metal or mold toxicity? Or infections, like herpes family, or c. or m. pneumoniae?

    They could stress liver and/or kidneys.

    Also, are you on a low fat, high carb, or vegetarian diet?

  • On low fat diet but pre diabetic also so following advice from them I'm a wreck had a good couple of weeks TFT was optimum but slowly feeling it all again

    Thanks for your reply x

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