Could Vitamin D be the wonder drug i needed

Have had severe pain all over for a long time now. Burning shoulders have been the worst. Vitamin D blood tests showed i was insufficient ...Started taking 1000 units daily and have now increased this to 6000...with spray.

Past couple of days the pain has not been as bad, maybe i am just having a good patch, or could this have been a cause to some of my pain. Still have sciatica pain but i know the cause of that is something totally different.

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Lovely isn't it?

Of course it's probably just the placebo effect or we're imagining it (not!)

It does take a little while to get from deficient/inadequate to notice, I didn't believe it either but ince 2 years I walk an inch taller - hope the pain continues to ease (& makes you smile) (((hugs))) Jane :D :) :)

(don't forget to test regularly, I only take 1000iu a day maintenance dose at the mo)

I could actually get out of bed in normal refreshing, hope it continues.

it has certainly been a revelation for me ! The more I read about it the more I realise everyone should be tested and treated....

Long may it continue for you....and not expensive either.

seeing stars this morning,wonder if increase in vit D could cause it

..not heard that one. Have read that some people have had to lower medications for thyroid once they were on good doses of vits and minerals. Maybe your body was just - over the moon - and bumped into some stars :-)

Even although it's called Vitamin D - I have read it is actually a hormone. I hope your success continues.

Its taken mefrom feeling half dead to more like a human

Hi Yorkshiregirl so glad vitamin d has helped your pain and I hope it continues to do so :) unfortunately vit d done nothing for my pain and I am still trying to find a good rheumatologist have you managed to see one yet or get anywhere with your GP since you had them blood tests done?

Iv got Rheumy appointment on 11th of this month and waiting for more blood results that my doctor ordered including B12.

Iv never seen a rheumy before so cant recommend one.

Have a look on the RA site they may have some names of consultents.

Sounds like your doctor is being a bit more helpful now, I paid private to see one and it was a complete shambles and can't see it getting me anywhere so back to the drawing board!

Hi in what form do you take vit d znd where do you buyvit from please . Of self medicated

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