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T3 petition

Hi All

Sorry if someone has already posted this and I've missed it. So for all those like me heres a great petition running against the T3 ban. Definitely worth an X today !

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I wonder when that petition was set up, it only has 343 signatures (at the time I looked) so I imagine fairly recently but it names David Cameron as the Prime Minister.

It might have been better to wait until the result of the general election as Secretary of State may be different as well as the PM.


Oh nickers have I dropped a b&%ll@çk ! I saw it on the Face book t3 action group and thought worth sharing. that's dyslexia for you I'm a devil not for reading every detail. I take 3 times longer than the average adult to read things lol !

Well then I think its time to get a new one going. With all guns blazing ! Watch this space - meds permitting lol !


My son is dyslexic, even at 44 he gives me all his important mail to read through, maybe I'm a devil for detail because I'm just so used to going through everything!

There are a few T3 petitions around but I don't know whether they've reached their targets or if any have managed to be considered for debate.

It's a shame about that one Kitti, especially as it has so few signatures, I thought it was very well written and described the situation very well, better than some of the others!


Dyslexia is actually a symptom of hypothyroidism. The old medical textbooks used to include dyslexia on the list of symptoms, along with all the other usual suspects.


Thanks for that Jazzw . after all the reading Ive done ( apart from that link ) I have suspected it was the cause of my dyslexia. I'm sure I was hypo from an early age as I have clear memories of sevear light sensitivity as a child. Not to mention all the other more vague symptoms of fatigue weight gain ( always the fat kid ) lack of concentration - I was termed the day dreamer ect ect.


Signed and left a comment explaining T3's importance. Thanks for sharing Kitti1.

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