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T3 Petition for Government


Carl Van de Pumpen Steven LLoyd and Lord Shaunessey were speaking on BBC TV and the shadow minister for health spoke in parliament about the fact that in this country T3 medication is up to 6000 times more expensive then in many countries abroad .

Like so many on this site I take t3 couldn't we add our voices to this by organising a petition?

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We have done petitions in the past and there is an ongoing petition here: change.org/p/itt-campaign-g...

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ITTCampaign have a petition. Please sign and share.


The parliamentary debate had all valid points raised but not sure what’s going on with it now. My argument with it all is how much money has been spent on all the meds for the symptoms and referrals and benefits!!

Lots of publicity this week on regional BBC news. Twitter thyroides have the full details.

Thanks for the reply's perhaps petition was the wrong word . I know there are several on going petitions and have signed in the past but I never hear of anything happening as a result. I was wondering whether through this site there was a way to encourage people to write individually to these people so they are swamped.

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Thanks for posting anyway because some people are not on the forum on a daily basis. However, your heading T5 is wrong. To edit, press the down arrow next to more and select edit. You can then change the 5 to 3.

Thyroiduk.org.uk are at the forefront for change and it is Lyn Mynott who is the chief representative for all people suffering with the decision to stop prescribing.

If you are not yet a member of TUK, you can join and the bigger the numbers (it is separate to Healthunlocked which is just a forum) and they work in the background doing lots of work to change the way we are diagnosed/prescribed.

It may come as a surprise after the typing error, for which I apologise, but I can edit but thank you I have changed the title,although people did respond so they obviously read on.

I know that as an organisation of which I am a member TUK is a very useful site and the work done is very much appreciated . Like all organisations I feel they should be open to ideas and criticisms or they will not grow.

I also do appreciate that Health Unlocked is a forum.

Further more I am also very appreciative of the work Lynn Mynott is doing and others in the back ground, but I would hope that they they would welcome the sort of publicity that the issue received last week.

I stand to be corrected but don't believe Ms Mynott was the lady on the T.V. and who had the subject raised in Parliament , so I thought it would be good to strike while the iron is hot by requesting anyone who feels inclined to write.

As a founder member of the Anaphylaxis Campaign who fought for food labeling and epi pens, you do have to be careful that the people working for the Campaign remember just that, and do not get tied up,with the day to day slog and loose their focus .

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chapers, have you read the information on the main Thyroid UK website? here thyroiduk.org/tuk/newspage....

You can follow the #T3 Campaign progress reports here thyroiduk.org/tuk/campaigns...

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Thanks hadn,t looked at site recently so very useful

All publicity is good publicity and I agree that any organisation has to be open to ideas and constructive criticism.

Lyn Mynott met with and prepped Lord Hunt before the recent regret debate in the House of Lords.

There is a lot of activity Lyn is involved with - have a look at her profile: healthunlocked.com/user/lyn...

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Brilliant thanks

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