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Hashimotos and gluten free diet

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (and was told my antibodies were high although doctors seem reluctant to diagnose Hashimotos) two years ago and six months later went on a gluten free diet. I did so to see if it would help my migraines. Even though its been 18 months its still early days but I think there has been a reduction in the severity of my migraines. I would be interested in finding out if going gluten free has helped anyone elses migraines. I have a strong family history of auto-immune disorder with one close relative having caeliac disease so I strongly believe it is all linked and worthwhile going gluten free even if you do not have caeliac. I would be interested in finding out if my antibodies have reduced but I don't think my GP will test me again. They only seem to want to check thyroid levels and not antibodies and their argument is its the same treatment.

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I never had migraines so can't answer but if you really wanted to get more in depth thyroid tests, you can always pay for your own on medichecks or bluehorizon. Medichecks have offers on "Thyroid Thursdays" lol :-)

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Hi Arossi

Ive been hypo for 30 years, coeliac for 20 years ( very strict gluten free ) but only recently found out I am hashimotos. I'm afraid I've always suffered from headaches and find them worse when I'm more under medicated. Around when I was diagnosed coeliac I suffered from appauling headaches but I think this was a lot to do with dehydration.


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