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Vitamin D - OK yet or needs to go up more?

Hey everyone, just had my Vit D retested. I last did it in Sept 2016, it was 66 nmol and although 'adequate' I was advised here that it needs to be higher. Just retested and the results are now 84 nmol (same range for the original test). Image doesn't want to upload so ranges are: <15 severe deficiency, 15-30 deficiency, 30.1-50 Insufficiency, >50 adequate.

Question is, do I need to up my supplementation more? I've been on 1000 i.u. since January this year. I don't get out much so unlikely to benefit from summer sun. Am pleased to see it's risen but feel that it is probably still on the low side.

I'm Hashi's and currently on 50 mcg Levo, but as yet not optimally medicated, in my opinion (although likely not my doctor's!). I seem to be working on several health fronts at the same time, but 'getting there' probably accurately describes my progress. :)

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Recommended level for Vit D is 100-150nmol/L. You could increase to 2000iu daily for a while then drop back to 1000iu as a maintenance dose.

Are you taking D3's important cofactors, particularly K2-MK7 and magnesium -


Yes I am taking those co-factors (I pretty much rattle when I walk. :D ) Thanks for the reply, I'll continue to work on getting it optimised. :)

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