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Taking temperature to monitor dose

Hi all

I recently got my plus 11 test results and started to up my doses. Now taking 125mg levo and 6.25 t3. I'm feeling a whole lot better, but still not there yet. Towards the end of last week i started to monitor my body temperature. I'm between 35.9 and 36.3. I'm afraid I've not done heart rate too, don't feel confident to get it right without a machine.

Do I needs to be getting my heart rate too ? If so what range should it be in ?

Should I be upping my dose till I get to 37 degrees. Any links to Dr Lowe material would be helpful / very gratefully received. Many thanks

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Resting heart rate 60-100 bpm is normal and normal temperature ranges from 36.1 - 37.2. I would use symptoms and blood test levels to guide dosing.

Shaws and I posted a number of links to Dr. Lowe material in


You can buy a finger tip Oximeter quite cheaply on line or at a chemist. It is what is used in hospitals and clinics to measure pulse rate. I use mine daily.


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