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50mcg thyroxine stopped working

Good morning, wonder if anyone can advise me, I've just started on 50mcg thyroxine in April, i went for my routine bloods done on Friday (didn't take my tablets till after, as advised) but since the start of last week I've started to feel really tired again and sluggish! I'm back seeing my consultant today does it depend on my tsh as to whether he ups my tablets or not? What if my bloods are ok? I'm feeling awful, will he not just up my tablets by how I'm feeling?


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Post your results with the ranges when you get them. 50mcg is a starter dose and can result in you feeling worse as the pituitary senses the extra hormone added and instructs the thyroid to produce less. Most likely you will get an increase.


What do you mean by results with the ranges? I'm new to all this?


You will get a number e.g. for TSH maybe 2.2 ( 0.4-4) .The bit in the brackets is supposedly the "normal" range.. The problem is that different labs use different machines and samples with different ranges.To give advice the folk on here need to know where your result is within ( or outside) the range.


50mcg is only a starting dose which is increased by 25mcg increments until we feel well with relief of symptoms. It is usual to feel some relief initially then symptoms return. Some people may take up 200mcg or more daily to feel well.

If you get a print-out of your results with the ranges from the GP and post them members will respond.

If you don't have them to hand put them on a new post.


I dont have them to hand but I'll ask my consultant to print all my results out!? What does ranges mean? I'm new to all this?


The ranges (in brackets) think of it as the general "normal wellness" of the population at large. Doctors are inclined to slavishly observe them rather than query the patient's symptoms and a good old-fashioned "how are you?". You can still feel dreadful if something is in range because other forces are at play, for example out of whack vitamin and mineral levels.

Sometimes when our results are "in range" it can be important as to whereabouts. Some doctors consider just being in range as fine when it can be actually making you feel very poorly and could benefit from boosting somewhat to get the levels higher.

Different laboratories have different ranges depending on how they do the tests and on what equipment. So knowing the range has many important factors rather than just knowing your result number.


I presume you will get your results when you see your consultant so being asked to provide the results now isn't terribly helpful - such is the nature of the forum.

My consultant did raise my Levothyroxine as there was room within my blood results to do so and I was still very symptomatic. My sister's consultant refuses to increase her Levothyroxine even though she is symptomatic. So it might depend on the individual consultant.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


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