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Both hyperthyroidism and under active thyroid

Hi, I have suspected pregnancy induced hyperthyroidism and now a massively underactive thyroid after a very short time taking carbimozole. I have been told to stop taking carbimozole completely now and I'm having an antibody blood test this week to determine what's going on as my reaction to the carbimozole suggests maybe I don't have Graves' disease. I would say the worst damage has been caused to my mental health. I can be very emotional and have awful mood swings l, one minute happy next minute angry. Can anyone relate to any of this? I really want to connect to others who may be going through something similar and can relate or maybe hear from people who are further down the road than me with a similar experience and can offer some advice ? Thanks so much :) x

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Thyroid dysfunction can have drastic effects on mental and emotional health. As your thyroid levels settle and normalise the mood swings will cease.

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Thanks so much, this is great to hear :)


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