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Weight battles

Hi guys.

I struggle with my weight no matter how much exercise I do or how little I eat. I've tried milkshake diets no carb diets everything and my weight continues to go up. They say my thyroid levels are operating normal as that my TSH is 0. Is there any other tips anyone can give me to help speed up or even move my weight loss at all? I'm only young and hate the way I look despite what I do to help!

Thanks for your replies in advance :)

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Despite taking thyroid hormones, they aren't raising your metabolism sufficiently. Usually that is the main clinical symptom before being diagnosed - weight gain. When on an optimum dose it can reduce without diet but most times we don't have sufficient levo to convert to T3 so metabolism is very slow.


Some find adding T3 to T4 can be helpful as T3 is the only active hormone and T4 inactive which has to convert to T3.


I already take t3. Should I add more maybe?


You should get a print-out of your latest labs, and let us have a look. Anything else anyone might say is just guess work, without seeing the results. :)

Oh, and how much T3 are you taking? How do you take it? Are you taking any T4? How much? Are you taking anything else? Details are so important!

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Hi! Okay I will do. I take 100t4 and 50 t3 as well selenium 5000iu vit D zinc and floradix.



OK, so that's quite a decent dose, but we need to see the results to see what your body is doing with it.

Did you get the vit d tested before supplementing? You really should be taking vit K2-MK7 with vit D. Taking vit D increases absorption of calcium from food, and the K2 makes sure it goes into the bones and teeth, rather than the soft tissues. Some magnesium would be a good idea, too. :)


Yeah I've just requested for a copy. I'm going to pick them up this afternoon. What is k2-mk7? Yeah I used to take magnesium. Help much magnesium do I need to take for it to work? Thanks :)


Umm... I imagine it depends what you expect the magnesium to do. But between 200 to 400 mg is usually recommended. I suggested it because it is a cofactor of vit D, just like zinc.

K2-MK7 is a vitamin. That's all. You'll find it on Amazon.


Hi. I've just read that article. So is the fact I'm taking T4 due to my weight gain do plateau? Thanks


If T4 is not at an optimum which allows you to have a good Free T3 level your metabolism cannot rise sufficiently. T4 is inactive and it converts to T3 the only active thyroid hormone so we need optimum. However, research has shown that in order for some to benefit from thyroid hormone they need a replacement combination of T3:T4. Doctors seem to be unaware of this fact and wont prescribe T3 (liothyronine).


Yeah I understand all of that. I have requested a copy of my last blood test results so will post them on here. I have to buy my t3 as my doctors won't prescribe and I self medicate. Thankyou for your help! Maybe my t4 isn't optimum!


I might be shot down for this.

The above all sounds so complicated!

Fasting is simple and so good for your body. It rests all your organs, detoxifies, resets all sorts of problems.

I've just done a 40 days fast. I just drank my usual drinks, tea, the occasion coffee, healthy drinks, water of course...

I feel so much better for it and want to do another one.


Okay so no food but you drank? That's just not sustainable though? I'll eventually need my energy from food especially as I work out?


I've read of athletes who have fasted, I think on water for 21 days, and kept up their training.

Once the body goes into that fat burning mode, it's amazing how much energy you have that you think you wouldn't. I remember doing another long fast after about 6 weeks I walked up a hill. I kept up with the rest of the walkers. I felt fine.

If you've never done it before, you'll probably hit what they call a healing crisis, where your body may detox faster than you're flushing it away. Usually about day 3. Feels a bit like flu.

You're fine when you're past it tho. May last a couple of days.

Do some googling...

You can talk to me if you think you might try it, Roy.



I think it is poor advice to suggest someone fasts for 21 or 40 days and likely to be damaging to the body.

If you have links to research which says such strict fasting is safe please post them.

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Hello Royheravi - I just read your post.... Besides what each person wrote I lost 25lbs doing a program after 10yrs of nothing!!!!

- its the foods & what they do to your hormones. Its all online & WONDERFUL!!

21day detox - there is a group one going on now & you have the optionof starting anytime too😊



I've had a quick look and cannot see the information for this on the website, I can only find the book for sale which explains it all. Please can you let me know if I am missing something? Thanks


Oh my thats not all of it. Perhaps this link you can see what I speak of


Make sure to read all the way down 😃


Thanks, but that isn't really helping as this is also a link for people to buy something. Your original post suggested that the information was available online, as in, for free. This doesn't appear to be the case.


Hi Louise! On the first link I sent you, If you read further down you see details & on the second link it tells you the basics of what is removed which is what makes up the program. In essence you get the bones to what are culprit foods that interrupt hormones & fat burning.. The science in the program is fascinating ! And even w Hashimotos you can reset yourself.

Yes, if you want to participate in the program and/or buy the book, there is a cost.


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