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Weight Issues

Ever since I was 11yrs old, I've suffered with weight issues and tried various ways to lose weight. I didn't know then that my thyroid was faulty and thought it was just down to comfort eating. I've been on weight watchers diets, slimming world diets and struggled with the diets. I am going to see a dietician soon, and been given orlistat by the doctor, but what i want to know is if anyone else has struggled with their weight and what you did/tried in order to lose it

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Weight issues are very, very common with hypothyroid people. Sometimes it is due to not being on enough medication. If you are able to get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood test results and post in a new question, with the ranges (figures in brackets) someone will comment upon them. If your metabolism is very slow, it is practically impossible to lose weight.

In the meantime, this is a link and there are quite a few topics which will expand your knowledge. Some of the links within the topics may not work.


Yes, trusty, I was like you. My weight went up and down all the time. And because of that, doctors just told me that all my problems were due to me being fat! When I lost weight (as I did with Hashi's) they said there, you see what a little self-control can do!!! Grrrrrrrrrr! I didn't get diagnosed until I was 55, and that was only after a furious row with my doctor about my weight. He sent me to what he thought was a nutritionist but turned out to be an endo. lol But even then, on the little thyroid hormone they were willing to give me, I didn't lose weight. It's only now, that I'm on quite a high dose that the weight is shifting. Sorry, but there are no miracles. Sigh.

Hugs, Grey


Hi Weight is often related to low Free T3. Make sure this has been tested, I and lots of people need mine just below the top of range It usually lowers the TSH so most GPs and even some Endo`s , unless enlightened, will not give T3 if TSH below normal. A lot of people need T4 ( Levo) and T3. Sometimes the body does not convert all the T4 that is needed to FT3,If that is the case it could make all the difference to your symptom

Best wishes,



Hi Trusty2013, I am sure that everyone will say that unless you are properly medicated you will find it very, very difficult to lose weight. Having said not lose hope. I put on 14lbs in weight very quickly when I was mis-medicated and could not lost it at all on a conventional diet. I have now been on the 5:2 diet for 7 weeks and lost 12lbs. (There are lots of sites with details of this diet on the web.)

Good luck.


Trusty, I feel for you. It's so unfair that fast metabolizers have that other problem and can't put ON weight but our bodies seem to feel they have to save every calorie. I don't know why.... but it makes it difficult to lose weight because if you start depriving yourself, it only works harder to conserve more energy. You have to fool your body into thinking you are NOT starving yourself. I think the 5:2 diet that Penny mentioned may be the trick. You eat regularly most of the time and then cut back at times so it doesn't put up the defense.

I guess once you create these fat cells, they don't just go away but they are marketing some supplements that supposedly deflate them. Coconut oil is supposed to help if you can take it first thing in the morning in your tea or something.


I've started juicing and lost 11 lb the only thing in two years that's worked for me, I'm on 100 mg Levo and been hypo two years


its sound like you've written down my story i was exactly the same i have managed to lose 2.5stone in the last year with a low carb diet and exercise its very slow and not easy but can be done once you are properly medicated.

Good luck


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